Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to be codenamed ‘Baikal’


After the global recall and then the subsequent discontinuation of Galaxy Note 7, it was speculated that Samsung will not produce any Note device in the future. Even though Samsung did it best to deal with the issue of the exploding batteries, they were unable to save the Note 7 from an untimely demise. That was a big blow to Samsung, as the Note devices are known for their top of the line specs and features. This led analysts to believe that the Korean tech giant will not be bringing any Note device in the future.

But that isn’t the case as two months back we got to know that another Note-series flagship, Galaxy Note 8 is in works. Today, we have new information that suggests that Samsung has given the code name ‘Baikal‘ to Galaxy Note 8. This update further confirms that a new Galaxy Note is in the works. Baikal is the name of a Siberian lake, which is one of the deepest in the world. The selection of the code name is quite unusual. We cannot help but wonder why did they select this name, Phoenix would have been an apt code name.

Galaxy Note 7 was dubbed as the perfect smartphone, we sure hope that in terms of design, specs and safe battery Note 8 is able to top that. Rumored specs suggest that Note 8 will feature a 4K display, along with an AI assistant Bixby. A dual lens camera is expected to make a debut in Note 8 as Samsung invested in Core Photonicsa company known for producing dual lens cameras.

More updates about Galaxy Note 8 will be making their way in the coming days. So, are you excited about a new Note device or do you think that Samsung should have rebranded the Note series and used a new moniker?