Samsung invests in a dual camera producing company

Samsung is always working on giving their users the best specs. Last year they acquired Viv Labs to develop their own AI. This time around the focus is on their camera and for this purpose they have invested in Core PhotonicsCore Photonics, is an Israel based company that is best known for producing dual lens cameras.

There were rumors that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will make use of the dual lens camera following in the footsteps of companies like Apple, LG and HTC. But this feature was denied later on that Samsung will use a singular camera like the one used in Galaxy S7 instead of the dual lens camera. The latest news about the Korean Giant investing in a company that produces dual lens camera hints to the fact that this aspect is still in the cards but not for Galaxy S8. Now there is a chance that we may look at this feature in any of Samsung’s devices for the year. The Galaxy Note 8 will be unveiled later this year, maybe the dual camera feature will grace that smartphone.

Samsung like other companies is always working on acquiring or investing in companies which they believe will benefit their devices. Starting from the scratch and building your components is not a smart move. This is an interesting development and we are hoping that this year we will see a dual lens camera adorn one of Samsung’s smartphones.


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