How to Root LG G Watch W100 with Magisk

Smartwatches are taking over ordinary watches. Manufacturers like LG and Samsung release a few watches every year. With each new watch coming out, we witness massive improvements. LG’s has its G Watch series and under the G Watch, it has a handful smart watches. The LG G Watch W100 is also one of them. This watch comes equipped with a 1.65″ IPS LCD, 9 Axis Accelerometer, Bluetooth 4.0 and a 400 mAh battery. On top of these specficcations runs the Android Wear.

Smartwatches are a great accessory for the users who are deeply concerned about their every day life. But if you are an Android enthusiast, there is a lot more your smartwatch can do rather then just showing you the time or monitoring your health. This starts with the root access on the watch. Back in the day when we had the Samsung Galaxy Gear, the watch was rooted and it had a TWRP recovery released as well. It was possible to flash a custom ROM on the watch, and then play games and install custom launchers on it as well. This was not possible on the stock firmware of the watch, but thanks to recovery and root access which helped users to discover the true potential of Galaxy Gear.

Now for the LG G Watch, we do have the reocvery and we do have the method to root the watch. This means we are about to see a lot of goodies for the watch and in near future, we will be able to unlock its power completely. The LG G Watch W100 can be rooted using Magisk, which means the root has been achieved systemlessly.

Rooting the watch will void its warranty. You are going to do it at your own risk. In case of a mishap, TechBeasts or the recovery/root developer may not be held responsible. Let’s go through the pre-requisites and then head towards the instructions to Root LG G Watch W100 using Magisk.

Root LG G Watch W100

  1. Download twrp-3.0.0-0-dory+squashfs.img file rename the downloaded file to recovery.img.
  2. Download 
  3. Download latest Magisk zip file.


  1. Download and install Mininaml ADB and Fastboot on your PC, while installing it, check “Create a desktop icon”.
  2. Open the Minimal ADB and Fastboot folder from Program Files > x86 in your installation drive and copy twrp-3.0.0-0-dory+sqaushfs.img that you renamed as recovery.img file in it.
  3. Copy the latest file to this Minimal ADB and Fastboot folder as well.
  4. Also copy the to the Minimal ADB and Fastboot folder.
  5. First of all, you need to unlock the bootloader of your watch. To do this, go to Settings > About > tap the build number for 7 times. Now get back to the main menu in settings and open Developer options > enable ADB debugging.
  6. Put your LG G Watch in its cradle and connect the USB cable to your PC.
  7. Now from the Minimal ADB and Fastboot folder, open the MAF32.exe file. Alternatively, you can also open the Minimal ADB and Fastboot.exe from yours desktop if you created a desktop icon.
  8. A command window will open up now, in the command window, enter the following commands one by one.
    1. adb reboot bootloader 
      1. hit enter.
  9. Watch will ask you to allow usb debugging, allow it now.
    1. fastboot boot recovery.img
      1. hit enter.
    2. adb push /sdcard/
      1. hit enter.
    3. adb push /sdcard/
      1. hit enter.
  10. Now boot into TWRP recovery and tap Install > Install zip > find and then swipe to flash it.
  11. Once done, once again tap Install > Install Zip > find, select it and then swipe to flash it.
  12. Reboot to system now.
  13. On your watch, open the Magisk Manager App and tap the three-dotted line to bring up the menu. Scroll down and locate settings. Under settings, locate and enable Enable Magisk Hide.

How to unroot LG G Watch G100

In case something goes wrong with the watch, you can immediately unroot your device. Here is how you can do that.

  1. Download boot.img stock recovery file.
  2. Download  twrp-3.0.0-0-dory+squashfs.img file and rename this file to recovery.img.
  3. Download latest Magisk file.
  1. Copy all these files to Minimal ADB and Fastboot folder just like you did above.
  2. Now open the MAF32.exe just like you did above as well and enter the following commands once by one.
    1. adb reboot bootloader
      1. hit enter
    2. fastboot boot recovery.img
      1. hit enter. This will boot your device into TWRP recovery.
    3. adb push /sdcard/
      1. hit enter.
    4. Now in TWRP, tap Install > Install Zip > find the > select it and then swipe to flash.
      1. Now again in the command window, enter the following commands
    5. adb shell “rm /data/local.prop”
      1. hit enter.
    6. adb reboot
      1. hit enter.
    7. Once the watch boots into system, enter the following command
    8. adb uninstall com.topjohnwu.magisk
      1. hit enter.
  3. That’s all.

Credits: TheDevFreak

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