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The following are the 10 Best Applications for a Rooted Android Smartphone 2020. These apps are forever green that means when ever you root a device, you can use these apps.

Ever rooted your smartphone and played with your device beyond the boundaries? Well, if you haven’t and if you do not know what does the root access actually means, then let us tell you.

Rooting your Android device gives you the administrative rights over your device. The rooting process involves a custom method consisting of zip files, that may be flashed using your device’s recovery or a flash tool software and gain the root access. Once rooted, you can install custom operating systems (ROMS), you can flash mods on your device, you can increase the internal storage of your device by merging the microSD card if your device has a card slot. Not only this, the rooted device can run all of those applications which do not normally run on an Android device and require more permissions then a normal app.

Overclocking your phone’s CPU and GPU is another advantage of root access. You can remove bloatware, You can explore the internal system using different file managers, you can always take screenshots on your device but ever wondered if you can record the video as well? the root access will allow you to do so. Backing up apps, apps with data and a lot more things are there which can be done after gaining the root rights. It’s a laundry list of enhancements that can be done, so once you’re rooted you may explore and learn more and more.

Many of the Android users, when once rooted, try to find out the best applications to gain the advantages of the root. Or they look out how they can enhance their device using the root access. I’ve compiled up 10 best applications, that are a must-have for a rooted Android phone. Scroll down and have a look through the 10 Best Applications for a Rooted Android Smartphone.

Best Applications for a Rooted Android Smartphone:

1. Titanium Backup [Free]


As the name suggests, the most powerful and best application to backup data on your Android device and by far the best application for a rooted Android phone as well. Titanium Backup lets you backup and restores all of your media content, your applications, applications with data, this includes system apps and other user-installed apps with data. You can also backup system settings with this tool. Besides backing up and restoring data, Titanium Backup also let’s you freeze system apps that are causing lag on your device. One of the biggest advantages of Titanium Backup is, you can schedule the backup and forget about losing data because Titanium will always run automatically to backup all of your selected important data. Go ahead and download the free version from the Google Play Store.


2. Root Explorer [$3.98]

Best Applications for a Rooted Android


Root explorer is the basic need after having your device rooted, at least for me. With Root Explorer you can explore your Android Device’s internal system folders, you can execute scripts, send files using email, bluetooth. Root Explorer also allows you to change permissions of the internal system files and extract them out, you can also create / extract .zip / rar files. There is a lot more you can do with Root Explorer. Go ahead and download it from HERE and start accessing your device’s internal system files.


3. ROM Manager [Free]

Rom Manager_Techbeasts

A must have app according to its developers, ROM Manager allows you to install and update ClockworkMod recoveries to the latest version. It also lets you download and flash latest custom roms through the app or through your SD card. ROM Manager is a useful tool if you love to modify your device using custom recoveries and custom ROMS. Go ahead and download it HERE.



4. System Tuner [Free]

System Tuner

Just as the name suggests, System Tuner lets you tune your Andriod system in order to attain the best performance results. The app comprises of  Task Manager, One-Click, Backups and some other options. You can easily kill the annoying apps, you can also freeze those apps. System Tuner lets you easily catch the applications which start their process as soon as your Android device is powered on, you can freeze those apps to be started with the device’s boot and this helps you to save the battery and speeds up your device. You can also analyze your device and view all the stats, clear cache and dalvik cache using this app. Download it here and start using it to enhance your device’s performance.


5. SetCPU for Root Users [$1.99]


SetCPU allows Android users to overclock or underclock their device’s clock speed. It helps you to spy the applications and the process running in the background and easily lets you control the CPU speed. SetCPU is a handy tool for managing the battery life on your Android device by controlling the ongoing processes. Download it Here.




6. StickMount [Free]StickMount

StickMount stands on number 6 in Best Applications for a Rooted Android list. This app is a handy tool to mount and dismount USB sticks on Android devices. You need a USB OTG cable to connect a USB storage disk to your device and StickMount will do the rest of the job for you. It will let you access the files stored on your USB stick. Download it here.




7. GL to SD [Free]

GL to SD

One of my favorite apps as I’m a game freak. GL to SD lets the Android users move the installed apps with data to their SD card. The app cleverly mounts the SD card to your device storage and let’s you enjoy playing plenty of heavy games. While the internal storage of devices is never enough to install a lot of heavy games, GL to SD is the app that will help you in the case. Download it Here.




8. SCR Screen Recorder FreeSCR Screen Recorder

Taking screenshots on your Android device is always easy, but you ever wondered what you can also record videos on your Android device’s screen? To do this task, SCR Screen Recorder Free is there for you. The app requires root access and once installed helps you to easily capture screen videos. It becomes handy when you want to record some important tasks or make some tutorials on your device. Download it Here.



9. WiFiKill

WiFi Kill

The app I love the most, though it crosses the manners. WiFiKill lets you disable the WiFi access for another device, that is running on the same router that you are using. This app is useful if you wish to speed up, and divert all the internet speed for your device. Google has removed this app from Play Store, perhaps you can find it on Xda-developers. 




10. GreenifyGreenify

One of the best utility apps, Greenify helps you to improve your device’s performance by pointing out the apps that are causing lag on your device or that are eating up the battery. The apps helps you to put those apps on hibernation and removes the effect from your device. A must-have app for a rooted phone, go ahead and download it here.


That’s All we have for you. Enjoy the Best Applications for a Rooted Android Smartphone. We would love to hear from you about these apps. For any queries, feel free to leave us a comment. We will try our best to help you out. Thanks All!

Usama is a software engineer by profession and at TechBeasts.com he uses his expertise to solve everyday consumer tech problems with his main areas of interest being Android, iOS and Windows.


  1. From your personal experience, what other fun features does root access entitle me to, that I wasn’t able to experience when my phone was stock?

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