How to quickly brew Potions in Harry Potter Wizards Unite


This guide shows how to speed up and quickly brew potions in Harry Potter Wizards Unite. These are one of mightiest weapons and sometimes even a requirement in case of foundables. Therefore, we’d love to guide you on how to make potions in HPWU. Moreover, there are some tips and tricks to speed up brewing potions in Wizards Unite.

The world of magic in Harry Potter Wizards Unite is directly inherited from books and movies. One of the key magical tools were Potions. These are magical liquids that wizards and witches brew themselves. Each potion possesses special powers and have unique effects on different creatures. 

We are going to explain all necessary parts of of this process to ensure that you understand it completely. Note that, since it requires gathering unique ingredients spread throughout the world, therefore you need to be efficient with how to use them.

We’d also like to mention that minimum required XP level to brew potions is 4. You cannot make potions at lower levels.

quickly brew potions harry potter wizards unite

Collect Ingredients of Potions to brew

Each potion in HPWU is made with 4 unique ingredients. However, the quantity for each of the item may vary. The requirements could look something like Wormwood, 3 Bubotuber Pus, 2 Dittany and 1 Dragon Liver for Healing Potion. In order to make this potion, you need precise amount of these materials. Otherwise, you cannot brew the potion.

The best way to collect ingredients in Harry Potter Wizards Unite is to complete levels in Fortresses, collecting them randomly from open world and so on. Finally, if you are just missing one or two ingredients, then buy them on-spot with gold coins. However, we don’t recommend using gold option every time since it is a very limited resource.

Finally, learn to manage your inventory. Don’t just collect and pack every item you find. While it may be enticing, it is actually not a good practice. Check the current and upcoming SOS challenges. Only try and collect ingredients that you’re gonna need for those. Otherwise, don’t waste space with something you don’t need. Some player may have 200 ingredients but not able to brew a potion. That is because none of the potions in that inventory form the perfect recipe for that potion.

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Learn the Master Notes for Potions in Wizards Unite

Each potion takes a certain amount of time to brew. This time corresponds to real-world time. When you apply a series of master notes to brewing process, the total time is reduced by 15% in most cases. It may seem not that significant to many but it actually helps a lot in long term.

What are master notes in Harry Potter Wizards Unite?

These are the signs that you either draw on the phone or register them through phone gyroscope. This includes the likes of Shake (shake phone), Pinch-in, Horizontal and more. You draw these symbols in correct way over the cauldron. Each correct master note is registered and shows up above cauldron in-game.

Once all master notes are applied, you see the confirmation for time-reduction with a tick sign. This means, it is working now! Congratulations.

Brew Potions quickly / Speed up Brewing in Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Now that, you know the essentials of brewing potions, now is the time to learn skills of masters. What sets noobs apart from masters? How much time they actually take to make it. 

In order to speed up brewing potions by 15% in HPWU, apply the correct master notes on cauldron. Then you’ll see a confirmation tick over it. Follow the list below to see list of correct master notes for all potions in Harry Potter WU.

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That’s pretty much it. Now all you gotta do is to keep this page save and apply the correct master notes for any potion while brewing it. It speeds up the process for completing SOS Challenges like collecting fragments for foundables.

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