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It is officially acknowledged that Harry Potter Wizards players often face a bug where Unite GPS location is not updating continuously. This is a known bug. What it means is that the wizard avatar does not move on game’s map. This is an annoying error since most of this game’s tasks and challenges are based on walking and going places. Therefore, your avatar’s location may not update on map of HPWU or the character catches up after sometime. This, in turn, gives the “Don’t drive” pop-up.

When you move around and character is not moving on map, traces still show up on phone camera. This is worrisome since you won’t be able to tap on runestones, fortresses etc since game thinks that you’re actually far away. Therefore, the game progress is totally hindered by this glitch. Until it is resolved, we have summed up some working solutions that should work for both iOS (iPhone & iPad) and Android devices. 

harry potter wizards unite character not moving location not updating

How to fix Character not moving / GPS Location not updating glitch on HPWU

AR games directly use the location services and use them to track you on real-world map. Next step is to generate the AR map and change everything around. This takes up lot of processing power. Therefore, it is possible that the GPS location may lag and character stops moving even if you’re walking in real-life. It is a known bug for Harry Potter Wizards Unite. Here’s how to fix it.

Fix GPS Location not updating / Character not moving on Harry Potter Wizards Unite game.

  1. Restart the game.

    Yes it works! This may seem trivial but it is official step in case of wireless network error as mentioned here


  2. [Android Only] Clear HPWU Cache from Settings.

    Head over to Settings > Apps > Search for Harry Potter Wizards Unite > Open it > Storage > Clear Cache.

  3. [Android Only] Disable battery optimization for Harry Potter Wizards Unite from settings.

    The latest versions of Android OS use aggressive battery optimization. Head over to Settings > Battery > Battery Optimization > Search for Wizards Unite and turn off optimization for it.harry potter wizards unite gps location not updating character not moving

  4. Check your Location Services and make sure it’s turned on and Wizards Unite is in active list.

    You can always check which apps are using location services. If HPWU is not in list, then it is possible that it’s being cut off by OS.

  5. Change Location Services mode to High Accuracy.

    This allows the device to freely use both GPS and internet connection to detect location.

Battery Optimization causes “character not moving” error on HPWU?

Android’s battery optimization is really good. But it often proves to be the reason why some apps don’t work normally. When the OS detects that some app is consuming too much battery, then it either warns user or just pulls the plug. In this case, it may turn off the GPS and internet services to Harry Potter: WU. It would make your character stuck on map even if you’re moving. (ref)

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