Harry Potter Wizards Unite Fan Festival Tickets – Guide


Ever since it came onto the scene, Wizards Unite has take world by storm. The wizards and witches are everywhere! In order to celebrate it and get everyone together, Niantic is arranging Harry Potter Wizards Unite Fan Festival. It is a comic-con’esque event but solely focused on HPWU and its universe. Moreover, dragons in Wizards Unite Fan Festival is another great event coming up. To put it simply, you just cannot afford to miss it! Lets go throught the most important details.

harry potter wizards unite fan festival tickets

When is Harry Potter Wizards Unite Fan Festival being held?

The said event is actually a 2 day festival. However, people will be allocated to 2 separate days only. It means that if you are invited to first day of Wizards Unite Fan Festival, then it’s not possible to go on day 2. 

The dates for HPWU Fan Festival are August 31 and September 1

Make sure to mark these dates on your calendar right now!

Location of HPWU Fan Festival

Some fans might be wondering where is Harry Potter Unite Festivals being held? Well, this location was kept secret until now. However, thanks to the recent information, now we know.

HPWU Fan Festival is located in White River State Park, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.

Now that you know where it is, make sure to book tickets and hotels online. Otherwise, you may have to settle for some unpleasant pricing at 11th hour.

How to get tickets for Harry Potter Wizards Unite Fan Festival?

Unfortunately, this event is not available for everyone. To be fair, this is actually a good thing. Otherwise there would be too many people for a small area. It may not turn out to be a good experience in that case.

Wondering how to get Harry Potter Wizards Unite Fan Festival tickets? Well, the correct information is recently revealed. 

Follow these steps to get tickets for yourself and your buddies.

  • Launch WU game on your phone.
  • Open the suitcase in-game.
  • Next up, tap on the Ticket logo in next screen.
  • It will show you the list of coming events. Tap on WU Fan Fest for this guide.
  • Enter the Email Address in given box here.
  • This will enter you into tickets lottery.
  • Now wait for the lottery to roll and if you’re lucky, then your own name will be selected.
  • Wait for the invite email.

Note that the people who can buy Wizards Unite Fan Fest tickets are selected at random. And it is not confirmed yet, but we are sure that each person that won in lottery can invite up to 4 buddies.

Make sure to enter your correct usernames when purchasing tickets. These tickets are linked directly to game accounts

Final Words

We understand that every fan of this game and book/movie series wants to be there. However, this is a lottery system since the number of tickets are limited. The main reason for this is to ensure that you can enjoy festival without overcrowding. Also avoid people who try to sell these tickets in illegal ways. Best of luck!

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