Harry Potter Wizards Unite “Error has occurred with wireless network”


The main problem with games like PoGo and HPWU is the fact that we have to go outside home. This means that we cannot depend on trusty broadband connections. Instead, Harry Potter Wizards Unite players get “Error has occurred with wireless network” error on game screen. This error totally wipes the walking progress and disconnects you from server. Sometimes, the game may just not connect to server in first place or HPWU keeps disconnecting with Wireless Network error.

harry potter wizards unite Error has occurred with wireless network guide

HPWU “Error has occurred with wireless network” – Guide

Let’s get to the basics of it which will help you better understand the main cause. We realize that there are some universal solutions however, some users may suffer from unique issues. Therefore, it is important to understand the possible cause of Harry Potter Wizards Unite error with Wireless Network

Whenever this error pops up, the game shows a ‘Restart’ button. This clearly shows that it is not a problem with WiFi or LTE entirely. Otherwise, the game would just ask you to reconnect and try again. It could also be due to the fact that AR games need to load the whole world based on GPS and use network consistently. Therefore, a game restart just helps clear all cache and get rid of any glitches. Anyhow, below are the best ways to fix HPWU “Error has occurred with wireless network” error.

How to fix it

HPWU you may show errors when playing the game on mobile data (5G / 4G LTE / 3G) or carrying a mobile internet device around. These are also 4G devices basically but work as WiFi hotspots. In most cases, the culprit is the bad network reception. Your Android or iPhone disconnects from Harry Potter Wizards Unite server during a fortress battle. This not only wastes runestones, but makes the game frustrating to play. 

How to fix “Error has occurred with wireless network” on Harry Potter Wizards Unite game. This works for both Android and iOS devices (iPhone & iPad).

  1. Restart Game and try connecting again.

    This is the most basic option. If the network error is small, then there’s a good chance that game will take care of this itself. Something as simple as restarting game would solve it.

  2. [Android Only] Reset Network settings and clear network cache.

    The Android users need to go to Settings > System > Reset Options > Reset WiFi, Mobile & Bluetooth > and tap the reset button.

  3. [Android Only] Clear DNS Cache from Chrome browser.

    Open Chrome, type “Chrome://net-internals” in address bar and press enter. Now open DNS tab and tap on “clear host cache”.

  4. [iOS Only] Flush DNS Cache on iOS.

    Open Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings and confirm this option.

  5. [Android Only] Clear Harry Potter Wizards Unite Cache from Settings.

    Go to App Drawer > Long Tap on Wizards Unit icon > Tap on “App Info”. Open Storage settings and clear cache from here.

  6. Disable any Network manipulating applications like boosters and VPN.

    Since this error mainly depends on network, therefore, it is possible that you if you’re using a VPN or network booster, then it may be interfering with server connection.

  7. Check your network reception in case of Mobile data (5G/LTE/3G).

    Just like last option, it is highly possible that the network reception in particular area is sketchy. It makes the phone change from 4G to 3G randomly. Therefore, the connection to server is lost. Either force your phone to use one band only or check network connection reception.

  8. Uninstall and re-install HPWU from Play Store or App Store.

    When all hope is lost, this is the only thing that’ll work for you. Simply uninstall and re-install it. It works for almost everyone. Play Store

    | App Store.


We covered pretty much anything that could remotely relate to this issue. Therefore, we are sure that if you follow all the steps, game must be running by now. Best of luck!

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  1. Account issue, I am able to login with a different google account but I have to start from scratch. Tried on different devices and I keep getting same error message. Currently in contact with niantic but so far no help.

  2. I am having this same issue. Followed all steps and still getting message. Am on home wifi so it has to be the game. Very frustrating.

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