New video shows cases of Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus

Samsung is hard at work to bring an impeccable device to its users with its upcoming flagship, the Galaxy S8. Being one of the most anticipated devices of the year it is a fodder for rumor mills. In the past weeks we have seen different renders and cases of Galaxy S8, hinting at different changes and what elements we can expect from the new device. Now a new video by the case maker MobileFun shows two cases of the alleged Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus.

Case makers usually get to know about the dimensions of the device so that they can prepare different accessories for the device. This is the 3rd render/case that we have seen from MobileFun. In this video the narrator shows two cases and talks about the different aspects of the device which are apparent. The case for Galaxy S8 is compared with Galaxy S7. The height of both the device will be same the difference comes in the width, Galaxy S8 will be wider. Similarly, the case for Galaxy S8 Plus is compared with Galaxy S7 Edge and Note 7 which again shows that the devices have similar height but the Galaxy S8 is wider.

There are three cut outs at the bottom of the cases. One cut out is for the speakers, one for the headphone jack but the third cut out is dubbed as ‘mysterious‘. The cut out is square shaped and similar to what is seen in the Galaxy Note cases. the placement and the cut out is for an S-Pen. There have been rumors that Samsung may end up using an S-Pen for the S-series flagship, but this is the first evidence that we have come across that supports that theory. In addition, there is no cut out for the charger, does that mean that the Galaxy S8 will have exclusive wireless charging?

At the rear of the case we can see two cut outs, one for the rear camera and the narrower one on top for the flash. There is not cut out for a finger print scanner. In one of the reports out yesterday, it was speculated that finger print scanner will not be embedded in the display but will be at the rear of the device. In addition, in the previous renders shared by MobileFun, we have seen a cut out for a button on the right side of the device. It was hinted that Samsung’s AI, Bixby will be getting its own dedicated button, the cases in the video do not show that at all.

Cases & Renders from MobileFun to date

Olixar Case for Galaxy S8 (13th January)

3D Case of Galaxy S8 showing the Bixby button (20th January)

Cases of Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus as seen in Video (25th January)

All three images shared above are from the case maker The Olixar case and the one shown in the video are quite similar in terms of the cut outs at the rear. The second case is different from the one shown in the video today. The camera cut out at the back shows that the camera and flash will have the same placement at Galaxy S7. In addition, the cut outs at the bottom seem more credible as they show a cut out for the speaker, headphone jack and a USB Type-C port for charging. Three cases from the same case maker have different details, interesting wouldn’t you say so? So, take this update about the case with a pinch of salt, as there are some details that are not adding up.

In the coming days we will be looking at more renders, leaks and speculations about the Galaxy S8. Samsung will be unveiling Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 on 29th March in dedicated events held in Europe and USA.

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