LG teases water and dust resistance for LG G6 in video promos


LG has been dropping off teasers about the different features their flagship LG G6 has from last month. From video promo’s in the start of January teasing us to an ‘Ideal Smartphone’ to them dropping snippets highlighting different features like ‘More Intelligence, ‘More Juice‘ and ‘More Reliability‘ to name a few. Now LG has yet again dropped video teasers hinting at one other feature of the device.

The short videos titled Pool and Flour at first seem a little baffling but once you connect the dots the apparent message becomes clear. A the end of the promo the outline of LG G6 is drawn which hints to one of the major features that the device will be water and dust resistant and most probably will come wit IP67 or IP68 rating. A few days ago, in one of their promos they teased about this aspect with the tag line ‘Resist More, Under Pressure’. With flagship devices coming with water and dust resistance, this is a move in the right direction and this is one of the reasons that the battery for LG G6 is non-removable.

LG will be unveiling LG G6 at MWC on 26 February.With the amount of leaks and updates seen to date, we are wondering what is the surprise that LG will gain an upper hand with at the MWC. The device will be arriving in the South Korean market on 10th March and in USA on 7th April. LG will be taking advantage of Samsung’s flagship absence in the market and will try to tip the sales in their favor. How successful they are in doing that will depend not only on marketing but features as to what will lure a die hard Sammy fan to try out an LG smartphone.

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