How to install TWRP Recovery and Root Galaxy A8+ A730F


Samsung Galaxy A8+ 2018 is the most beautiful mid-ranger that the company has ever produced. The Galaxy A8+ follows the design language of the Galaxy S8 and it has also set the base for the Galaxy S9. The Galaxy A8+ is powered by Exynos 7885 CPU accompanied by a RAM of 4GB. The internal storage of this phone is 64GB. Galaxy A8+ has a very beautiful 6.0-inch Super AMOLED edge-to-edge display that has no home-button at the bottom. At the top of the screen, there is a dual-shooter for the selfies. At the back, there’s a solo 16MP shooter. The fingerprint scanner is placed right below the camera. The Galaxy A8 has a 1080 x 1920 screen. This phone is sleek, it’s got a glass build surrounded by an aluminum frame. Galaxy A8+ is a little bit costly as compared to the traditional mid-rangers, but the phone is also quite powerful. It won’t be wrong to say that Samsung has launched a phone to compete with the flagships of its rivals. The A8 and A8+ are totally worth getting your hands on.install TWRP Recovery and Root Galaxy A8+ A730F

The need for TWRP Recovery and Root

Although these phones have got handy features, you can still unleash their real potential by customizing them. To customize or modify your new Galaxy A8+, you would need a TWRP custom recovery first of all. The custom recovery can do magic for you. It can let you root your phone. With the help of both the custom recovery and root access, you can flash new custom ROMs and mods. TWRP will also let you backup all the partitions including the EFS partition, data of your phone and even the Nandroid. Another use of the TWRP recovery on your A8+ is wiping the cache and Dalvik cache. TWRP has got its own ADB terminal which will let you sideload apps and ROMs on the phone. The uses of TWRP recovery are quite many. It’s not possible to discuss them all in one go. It’s better to flash it on your phone and test it yourself.

Now that you are on this page, I’ll assume that you are here to learn to install TWRP on your brand new Galaxy A8+ 2018. You can use this guide to install TWRP Recovery and Root Galaxy A8+ A730F Exynos variant. The recovery has been developed by none other than Ashyx. The XDA recognized contributor Ashyx has brought us recoveries and root solutions for many phones that were not going to see the light of the day. We would like to thank him before we proceed with the tutorial.


  • Read all the instructions carefully. We have tried our best to make the tutorial as simple as possible. If you still make a mistake, that will not be our responsibility.
  • In case of a mishap, TechBeasts or the recovery developer may not be held responsible.
  • Processes, like flashing TWRP and Rooting your phone, are highly custom. They will trip your Knox counter and also void the warranty of your phone. Follow this tutorial at your own risk.

Install TWRP and Root Galaxy A8+ A730F

Important prerequisites

  • TWRP recovery and root files will work for the Galaxy A8+ 2018 A730F. Do not try this method on any other device as you will result in bricking it because of invalid files.
  • Charge your phone up to 50% to avoid power issues during flashing process.
  • Enable USB deubgging from the developer options in your phone.
  • Enable OEM Unlocking on your phone from the developer options as well.
  • Backup all your important contacts, call logs, sms messages and media content.
  • Use your phone’s original data cable to connect it to your PC.
  • If you have Samsung Kies installed on your PC, turn it off while using Odin.
  • Disable Firewall/Antivirus in order to download the files properly.
  • Get a microSD card or a USB OTG since you need to copy the files to it.
  • Follow the rest of the method being very careful.

Files you need to download:

  1. Install Samsung USB drivers on your PC.
  2. Download Odin 3.11.1 on your PC and extract it to get Odin3.exe.
  3. Download TWRP Recovery for Galaxy A8+ A730Ftwrp_3.2.1-1_sm-a730f_210117
  4. Also, download and DM-Verity file and copy these files to an external SD card or a USB OTG.

How To Install TWRP and Root Galaxy A8+ A730F

  1. Open Odin3.exe file from the extracted Odin files that you downloaded above.
  2. Put your Galaxy A8+ in download mode now. To do so, turn off your phone first. Now turn it on by pressing and holding Volume Down + Power + Volume Up. As soon as your device boots up showing a Downloading screen, leave the keys.
  3. Connect your phone to your PC now. Odin should show an “Added” message in the logs and also show the blue light in the ID:COM box. This will verify a successful connection between your phone and your PC.
  4. Now click on the “AP” tab in Odin and select the TWRP Recovery.img.tar file according to your device carefully.
  5. The options ticked in Odin should be only “F.Reset Time“. Make sure that the Auto-Reboot option is not checked, we do not want to reboot the phone after flashing TWRP recovery.
  6. After selecting the file and checking/unchecking the options, carefully hit the start button. Odin will now flash the TWRP and show you a PASS message in a few minutes.
  7. Once done, disconnect your device from your PC now. Do not reboot your device.

Root and disable forced encryption

  1. Now you need to boot directly into TWRP Recovery. Turn off your phone completely and turn it on by pressing and holding Volume Up + Power key now. Your phone should successfully boot into newly installed custom recovery.
  2. TWRP will ask you whether you want to allow modifications or not, you will need to swipe the finger to the right to enable modifications. Swiping the finger to right will trigger dm-verity if you will need to disable it immediately. Leaving it enabled will not let you boot the phone either root it. This is an important stuff since we want to be able to modify the system.
  3. Now tap “Wipe > Format Data > type “yes” to format data. This is important to disable encryption. This step will factory reset your phone, so make sure that you’ve backed up the entire data at hand.
  4. Now make sure that you’ve copied the and files in external SD Card or USB OTG, if not then transfer both these files to your external SD Card by using MTP mode in TWRP now.
  5. Once you have the files, tap “Install > locate the according to the location where you copied > flash it”.
  6. Now once again tap “Install > locate the file > flash it”.
  7. Once done flashing, reboot your phone into the system.
  8. That’s all. You’re rooted and have a TWRP recovery installed. Best of luck.

Let me know if I can help you guys any further. That’s all for now.

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