How to check Android phone is rooted or not using Root Checker


When you own an Android-powered device, be it a smartphone or a tablet, rooting it is the probably best thing that you can do on this planet. Rooting your phone gives you the freedom to control it according to your liking. Rooting brings you plenty of options to add new features to your phone, customize its look, enhance its performance and also tweak the battery life of the gadget. Whenever a new smartphone comes out, it doesn’t take too long for the developers to root it. As soon as the root access for a particular device is achieved, a load of users tends to root their devices and they need certain tools to work. At first, you need to root your phone by following an appropriate method and afterward, you need to check whether your phone is properly rooted or not.

Checking Root Access on Android

To check the root access, various applications are available in the play store. The best one that is always guaranteed to work is the Root Checker applications. This application takes a few seconds to install. Once you have it on the phone, you just need to open it and tap the Verify Root button. It asks for root permissions by bringing up a pop-up of the SuperSU applications installed on your phone. As soon as you allow it or tap yes, the application immediately results in displaying that the device is rooted. If the Root Checker fails to gain the root permissions or bring up the SuperSU pop-up, it will inform you about the device not being rooted. That’s how simple it is via the Root Checker application.

If you have recently rooted your phone or you are in a doubt that your phone is rooted or not, you can get your hands on Root Checker and do it instantly. To help you further, a little guide is up here that explains the method in very easy steps.

How to check Android phone is rooted or not using Root Checker

  1. Download and install Root Checker application on your phone from the Play Store.
  2. Open the Root Checker application now.
  3. Tap the “Verify root” button appearing in the application now.
  4. Root Checker will now ask for root rights, quickly tap “Grant”.
  5. Once granted, it will provide you the root details mentioning your phone’s model number and firmware version.
  6. That’s all with it.



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