Install TWRP Recovery and Root Galaxy J4 Plus J415F/FN/G/DS


This is the guide to install TWRP Recovery and Root Galaxy J4 Plus. By following the steps given below, you will be able to install TWRP Recovery on Galaxy J4 Plus first. After installing the TWRP Recovery, steps to root Galaxy J4 Plus J415F/FN/G/DS will come up. This is a lengthy guide and it requires your undivided attention. If you successfully want to flash a custom recovery on your J4 Plus and also root it, you must follow the steps carefully. Before we move towards the steps, let us take a look at the Galaxy J4 Plus, the uses of TWRP recovery and Root.

Install TWRP Recovery and Root Galaxy J4 Plus
Install TWRP Recovery and Root Galaxy J4 Plus

About the Galaxy J4+

In September this year, Samsung released the Galaxy J4+. This is a new mid-range device in the Galaxy J series. Galaxy J4+ is the first smartphone in the Galaxy J series to come with an infinity display. Galaxy J4+ has a side-mounted fingerprint scanner which also happens to be unique for a Samsung smartphone. The Galaxy J4+ has a 6.0-inches IPS LCD display. It has a resolution of 720 x 1480 pixels. This phone is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 SoC. There is Adreno 308 GPU in this phone. Galaxy J4+ has a RAM of 2GB or 3GB and its internal storage is 16GB or 32GB. At the back, this phone has a 13MP single camera. On the front, it has a single 5MP camera. Galaxy J4+ runs on Android Oreo out of the box. It has a battery of 3300 mAh under the hood.

Samsung Galaxy J4+ comes in at a price of around $180. This is not a really cheap mid-range smartphone, especially considering the choices given by manufacturers like Huawei and Xiaomi. The Galaxy J4+ is a good choice for those who want a phone having a better build quality. Otherwise, this phone has got nothing special.

TWRP Recovery for Galaxy J4 Plus

Galaxy J4 Plus comes with very mediocre hardware and software. If you wish to get the full out of your Galaxy J4 Plus, flashing TWRP recovery is the way to go. TWRP recovery will open your ways for custom operating systems. Most of the custom ROMs come in the form of ZIP files that you can flash via TWRP recovery only. If you are looking forward to making a Nandroid backup, and also backup all other partitions of your Galaxy J4 Plus, you will find all those options in the TWRP recovery. The recovery also has an inbuilt terminal that can be used to sideload applications, custom ROMs, and Mods from your computer. There is a wipe option that will let you wipe Cache, Dalvik Cache, and the individual partitions of your phone. The TWRP Recovery has advanced options for the users who want to go the extra mile with the customization on their device.

TWRP runs in the bootloader of the phone. It is also useful if something goes wrong with your phone and you want to restore it back to the working state. TWRP is often useful to recover a soft-bricked Android smartphone. Flashing TWRP is not recommended by the phone makers, however, if you think that you can handle it well, you can install it by following the appropriate instructions.

What does Root mean for Galaxy J4 Plus?

Rooting your Galaxy J4 Plus will get the system access to applications. This would mean that any application that requires root access, will be able to modify the system files of your phone. For example, you want to add a new feature to the UI of your phone and you are using an application to add it, that applications will ask you for the permissions to modify the System UI files. As soon as you grant permission to that application, it will modify the System UI to add that new feature. Similarly, if you want to back up the data files of applications, you will use an application like Titanium Backup to pull those backups from the system directories of your phone. The root is useful to introduce new features and also to enhance the performance and battery life of your phone. Just like the TWRP recovery flashing, Rooting your phone is also a custom process which is not recommended by the phone companies. It is totally up to the users whether they want to root their phone or not.

Install TWRP Recovery and Root Galaxy J4 Plus


  1. This guide is for the Galaxy J4 Plus J415F/FN/G/DS. Do not try on any other phone.
  2. Backup all of your data as this process will wipe your phone.
  3. Enable OEM Unlocking and USB Debugging on your phone.
  4. Use OEM Data Cable to connect your phone to the computer.
  5. While using Odin, disable Samsung Smart Switch and any Antivirus if you have one on your computer.
  6. Follow the remaining steps carefully now.

Required Downloads

How to install TWRP Recovery on Galaxy J4 Plus

  1. Power down your Galaxy J4 Plus.
  2. Now press and hold Volume Down + Power button for a while. As your phone shows Download Mode, press Volume Up to continue.
  3. Connect your phone to the computer now.
  4. On your computer, open Odin3.exe.
  5. While your phone is connected already, Odin should show “Added” in the log box, and also show a Blue light in the ID:COM box. This will mean a successful connection.
  6. Go to Options in Odin and uncheck “Auto Reboot” if it is checked. Only F.Reset.Time should be checked.
  7. Now come back to the main screen in Odin and click on AP tab. Select the TWRP Recovery.tar file in the AP tab.
  8. Click on the Start button to flash TWRP now.
  9. TWRP will be flashed in a few seconds.
  10. After TWRP has been flashed, your phone will not reboot as we have disabled Auto Reboot. Follow the procedure given below now.

Root Galaxy J4 Plus J415F/FN/G/DS

  1. While your phone is still connected to the computer, press and hold Volume Down + Power button for about 7-8 seconds.
  2. As soon as the screen of your phone goes black, switch from Volume Down to Volume Up button. This will take your phone into the TWRP recovery.
  3. Now TWRP will ask you if you want to allow modifications. Swipe the screen to allow now.
    Install TWRP Recovery and Root Galaxy J4 Plus
    TWRP Recovery
  4. In TWRP, click on Wipe > Format Data > Type Yes. Your phone will be formatted now.
  5. Now go back to the main menu in TWRP and click on Reboot > Recovery. Your Galaxy J4+ will reboot into the Recovery.
  6. Download these three files now
    1. file.
    2. Download J4+_oreo_forced_encryption_disabler.
    3. Lastly, download file.
  7. On your phone in TWRP, click on Mount > USB Storage. Your phone will now appear as a USB disk in your computer.
  8. Copy the files linked above to your phone and then disconnect it.
  9. On your phone, click on Install > Install Zip > Locate and select J4+ Oreo Forced Encryption Disabler > Flash this file.
  10. After flashing this file, flash the file in the same manner.
  11. In the end, flash the file in the same manner as well.
  12. Now that you have flashed all three files, go back to the main menu in TWRP and click on Reboot > System.
  13. Your phone will reboot now. Congratulations, you have a working TWRP recovery and a rooted Galaxy J4 Plus.

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Final Words

By this time, you should have a Galaxy J4 Plus ready for custom ROM and Mods. You can now unleash the full potential of your phone. Those of you who wish to unroot the device and go back to stock firmware, they can flash a stock ROM at any time. Here is a guide to install stock Android Oreo on Samsung Galaxy phones. If you have any queries or suggestions, feel free to reach out to us. We will try our best to reach out to you as soon as we get your comment or message.

The credit for this recovery and root procedure goes to Ashyx.

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