Harry Potter Wizards Unite wands of movie characters


Learn the combinations for Harry Potter Wizards Unite wands from your favorite characters in original series. These include the likes of Elder Wand, Harry’s wand, Hermione, Ron Weasley and so on. 

Much awaited PoGo style game for Harry Potter is finally out and it’s simply astonishing. The way whole gameplay is set up, you could literally play it forever. However, before continuing, there’s one thing that every Harry Potter fan must do; Choose their wands. It is the starting point for this series and one of most iconic moments. The game adaptation for this is a bit different though. In Harry Potter Wizards Unite Wands do not make a difference. They are not associated with power or special abilities. Therefore, it’s only a cosmetic accessory at best.

harry potter wizards unite wands

Guide to Harry Potter Wizards Unite Wands

Unlike the movies and books where wands choose their owners, the players design their own wands in-game. It is one of the few tasks as you start the game and try to sign up for ministry of magic. Instead of randomly signing any wand to players, they make their own. Here is how it works.

Following are the customizable options for wands in Harry Potter Wizards United

  • Wood
  • Core
  • Length
  • Flexibility

There are tons of options in each category for you to choose. Each of these come out with a unique output. Therefore, there are countless options for building a unique wand. 

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Wands combinations to make characters’ wands from movies & books

Even though there are countless options for building unique wands, die-hard fans like me would still want to have something similar. The fans of series have complete knowledge of the composition of these. However, there is still lot of incomplete knowledge and we are here to fill in it for you. Below are all major Harry Potter Wands combinations for Harry Potter Wizards Unite game.

Harry Potter

These are the settings / options to make Harry Potter’s wand in Harry Potter Wizards Unite.

  • Wood – Holly
  • Core – Phoenix feather
  • Length – 11 inches
  • Flexibility – Reasonably supple

Hermione Granger

Following are the options to make Hermione Granger’s wand in Harry Potter Wizards Unite.

  • Wood – Vine
  • Core – Dragon Heartstring
  • Length – 10 3/4 inches

Ron Weasley

Ron used two wands through the series. Here are combinations for both wands respectively listed below.

  • Wood – Ash
  • Core – Unicorn Hair
  • Length – 12 inches

Second Wand

  • Wood – Willow
  • Core – Unicorn Hair
  • Length – 14 inches

Albus Dumbledore

You may also know this wand as “Elder Wand”. Here’s how to make it in-game.

  • Wood – Elder wood
  • Core – Thestral tail hair
  • Length – 15 inches

Rubeus Hagrid

Unsurprisingly, his wand was one of the simplest!

  • Wood – Oak
  • Length – 16 inches


Here’s how to replicate the wand of Voldemort in Harry Potter Wizards Unite. If you are one of Tom Riddle fans, then have a go at it.

  • Wood – Yew
  • Core – Phoenix feather
  • Length – 13 1/2 inches

Minerva McGonagall

She’s one of the most competent professors in Hogwarts. We understand if you want to try and replicate her special weapon.

  • Wood – Fir
  • Core – Dragon Heartstring
  • Length – 9 1/2 inches
  • Flexibility – Solid / Rigid

Neville Longbottom

The unsung hero of HP series. Some say he’s the chosen one!

  • Wood – Cherry
  • Core – Unicorn Hair
  • Length – 13 inches

Draco Malfoy

His personality is shown to be easily bendable and misbehaved. Probably one of most complex characters in the series.

  • Wood – Hawthorn
  • Core – Unicorn Hair
  • Length – 10 inches

Cedric Diggory

  • Wood – Ash
  • Core – Unicorn Hair
  • Length – 12 1/4 inches

Viktor Krum

  • Wood – Hornbeam
  • Core – Dragon Heartstring
  • Length – 10 1/4 inches
  • Flexibility – Rigid

Remus Lupin

  • Wood – Cyprus
  • Core – Unicorn hair
  • Length – 10 1/4 inches
  • Flexibility – Pliant

James Potter

One of the few wizards that faced off against the one shows name shall not be spoken!

  • Wood – mahogany
  • Length – 11 inches

Lily Potter

Mother of Harry Potter. She died protecting her child. Some say the scar on his head is the sign of her everlasting love. 

  • Wood – Willow
  • Length – 10 1/4 inches

Garrick Ollivander

  • Wood – Hornbeam
  • Core – Dragon Heartstring
  • Length – 12 3/4 inches
  • Flexibility – Quite Bendy / Unyielding

Dolores Umbridge

  • Wood – Birch
  • Core – Dragon Heartstring
  • Length – 8 inches

Bellatrix Lestrange

  • Wood – Walnut
  • Core – Dragon Heartstring
  • Length – 12 3/4 inches


We are not sure whether it’s a good thing or not that we are not assigned wands randomly. This is probably good for the long run since it provides a lot of variety. Moreover, people won’t be able to sell accounts with special wands. We have collected the data for some of most famous Harry Potter Wizards Unite wands. These are taken directly from either movies, books or fandom pages. (Data taken from PotterMore) Therefore, some data may still be incomplete. However, we are sure that you can get best possible results with these options.

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