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This guide goes through everything that you need to about Re’em blood in Harry Potter Wizards Unite. It is one of the rare potion ingredients. To be precise, it’s used in Exstimulo Potions. Wondering where to find Re’em blood? Or you’re stuck in SOS challenge because you’re unable to find Re’em blood to brew potions? Keep reading and you’ll find all the answers.

Harry Potter  Wizards Unite is a pretty complex game. Since it is totally based on the lore of books and movies, there is a lot of stuff to learn about. Most people don’t even pay attention to the names of potions and their ingredients named in movies. Guess what? This is not gonna work in HPWU. You need complete command on how everything works and what makes it work. A lot of SOS challenges require players to brew Exstimulo potions. However, they cannot find Re’em blood for it. Now, it is not a super rare ingredient. However, just like other things, just when you need it, you cannot seem to stumble upon any.

How to find Re’em blood in HPWU

The most daunting thing about this ingredient is that you cannot actually grow it. Normally, players would just grow the ingredients that they need in greenhouses. However, you cannot spawn or grow Re’em blood in Harry Potter Wizards Unite. Therefore, it makes the task a little bit more difficult. Here are the possible solutions to help you find Harry Potter Wizards Unite Re’em blood ingredient.

Where does it come from?

Where does Re’em blood come from? This kind of information is not readily available in game only. Therefore, we did some digging for you. Re’em is described as a rare breed of unicorns. The blood is extracted from these creatures. It makes it one of the rarest ingredients to just come by.

However, the books claim that a magizoologist actually brewed a herbal concoction that replicated magical effects of Re’em blood. Due to this remarkable discovery, it is now possible to buy it from open market

Re’em blood looks like Newt Spleen

Red. Round. Small. No wonder Re’em blood and Newt Spleet a lot alike. Therefore, a lot of players mistakenly fill up their inventory with newt spleens instead of what they actually need. You need to be able to differentiate between two. 

Here’s what Re’em blood looks like. It is a small cylindrical dot that’s lying on the ground. On ther hand, Newt Spleen is more round and floating. You may not find it on ground. Color wise, Re’em blood is darker than Newt Spleen.

If you pay close attention to above mentioned details, we’re sure that you won’t make the same mistake again.

Try different times of day

Here’s something that a lot of new players don’t realize. A lot of ingredients like Re’em blood in Harry Potter Wizards Unite are available in different times of day’s cycle. It means that, you may have a better chance of finding snowdrops in day time and Re’em blood in night time. However, these cycles may keep shifting. Therefore, if you are consistently not able to find it during a specific period of day, then try another time. Or just ask a friend if you cannot make it.

Use Greenhouses more often

Although there is no direct connection, yet players seem to get more Re’em blood spawns if they grow more stuff in greenhouses. Moreover, you actually have a better chance of finding more rare ingredients with this simple task. HPWU is all about travelling, completing tasks and making this game a part of daily life. If you really take it seriously, then you’d easily understand the pattern and cycle of how things come and go.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Re’em blood Information

Here’s a brief overview of its properties and how it’s used.

harry potter wizards unite Re'em blood guide

We covered everything related to Re’em blood in HPWU. It stands to be one of rarest ingredients. However, often must-have for challenges, tasks and wizarding challenges. Therefore, always keep an eye out and keep a small stock of it.

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