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This guide takes you through all you need to know about Formidable Pixies in Harry Potter Wizards Unite. How to find or spawn formidable pixies? How to defeat them? Which profession is best for pixies? We’ve got all the answers!

SOS challenges in Harry Potter Wizards Unite are fragments of the main plot. These challenges take you through the main story of why and how this calamity came upon us. A particular SOS challenge, “defeat 10 formidable pixies” is proving to a nuance for some people. Players are unable to find pixies in chambers to fight with. Otherwise, wrong type of pixies pop up. Some players may get stuck in completing this challenge for over 10 days. The reason being not able to find formidable pixies in fortresses and its ruins chambers.

harry potter wizards unite formidable pixies

How to spawn / find Formidable Pixies

These little creatures may seem small and fragile but don’ t be fooled by their appearance. It could prove very hard to find them, let alone defeating them. Therefore, we have collected some proven strategies to help spawn more formidable pixies in Harry Potter Wizards Unite.

Try Ruins Chamber 3

Each fortress contains several chambers. These chambers are filled with different kind of creatures for you to fight. Moreover, you get more or less XP depending on the level. A lot of players have reported that they are most successful in finding pixies inside Chamber 3 of fortresses. Therefore, if you are having trouble, try this next time.

Professors spawn more formidable pixies

Since professors deal most damage to formidable pixies, therefore, the game spawns more of these creatures for them. Therefore, if your current profession is either auror or magizoologist, then switch it to “Professor”. These are not permanent. Therefore, you may keep changing depending on whichever task is at hand. 

Try different types of Runestones

The runestones grand you access to fortresses and its chambers. In order to introduce multiple levels of difficulty, there are several types of runestones themselves. For example, if you activate L1 or L2 runestone, the resulting levels, creatures and rewards would be different for same fortress.

If you are having trouble finding pixies inside chambers, then try to activate a different level runestone. This will likely spawn new creatures for you.

Note: Formidable pixies are the third weakest breed of pixies in-game. There are 10 different types. Therefore, if a challenge states you to defeat certain level of pixie, defeating others won’t count.

How to defeat Formidable Pixies in Wizards Unite

Here are some stats for you to examine and learn the best way to defeat them.

Formidable Pixies Info

  • Stamina – 50
  • Power – 9
  • Proficiency Power – 10,000
  • Deficiency Power – 0
  • Defence – 0
  • Defence Breach – 0
  • Dodge – 5,000
  • Accuracy – 0
  • Spell – Stupefy
  • Affinity – Professors deal most damage to formidable pixie
  • Reward – Care of Magical Creatures (1 Abraxan Winged Horse Sticker)

It is clear from the stats that these creatures are not that hard to defeat. The only thing that you can do to make it easier, is to change profession to Professor. Not only more pixies will spawn but they deal more damage. Also try to hit masterpiece spell trace.

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