Who Viewed my Facebook Profile? Can We See?

Do you want to see Who Viewed My Facebook Profile? Hmm, you are among millions of Facebook users who want to check who is stalking them. Moreover, I have seen many click-bait apps nowadays, who are selling lie by saying ” Click here to see who viewed your Facebook profile “. Well, it is our nature that we are deeply curious to see how much we are popular. Just because of that, some of us use the subscription to check Who viewed my Facebook profile. Whether you like it or not they keyword who visited my Facebook page is the most popular.

Before we move on, let me clear one thing, there is no way Facebook let you check who has visited your profile. Moreover, there is no other alternative to find out who has visited your Facebook profile.

Who Viewed my Facebook Profile

Who Viewed My Facebook Profile?

Why after all the awareness, people still think that there is any way to check it. Well after doing some research, we have found that this Myth still remains because of Orkut, I have seen it on many blogs. They also think that this Myth is originated from the days when Orkut use to live. Well, all have used Orkut and everyone is well aware of their best feature which was Profile Visitors. Now, this is the reason why people still believe that they can see who visited their Facebook Profile. 

Not only that, the third-party app don’t let it fade away. They always found their way to make us look like a fool. However, you cannot deny the fact that, it is possible to track. Since Facebook has invested a lot in tracking online movement of their users. It is for sure that they have this data. But I think they are not interested in to share it with all of you.

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Are there Apps which let us view?

To be honest, There is none. But as I said before that ” Who Viewed My Facebook Profile ” is hottest search word in Google. So you will find hundreds of Websites, Facebook apps, Android apps or Google Chrome extensions, which have the same tagline. Click here to see who viewed your Facebook profile. Moreover, every day we see someone shared a post containing the same tagline and there you go. It gets viral  😛

There are such apps which will ask you to do something favor if you want to see the results. Some of us might do, some of us won’t, it can be anything such as payment, personal information, or share it with your friends etc. Sometimes we have seen that they ask us to download something and trust me always it was malware.

There is nothing you can do unless you are a hacker and you can hack through Facebook security. Other than that, there is nothing to do, you will end up giving third-party app permissions, which will take a lot form you. So If someone is selling check out who visited your Facebook profile, it will be better you don’t buy it.

Stay Safe:

The best bet is to stay safe and don’t give fake apps such permissions that you end up giving away your important information. In case you already did that, head over to the Settings-> Apps -> Revoke the access of such apps. 

Whether you believe it or not Facebook is tracking you, as we have seen that they are selling data by making us fools. Stop wasting your time enjoy using social media.

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