How to Edit ScreenShots on Android P [ Tutorial ]


Let’s tell you guys, How to Edit ScreenShots on Android P. Android P developer preview 1 is here for Google Pixel devices if you want to Install the Android P on your Pixel devices you can use our guide. Since Google has added loads of few new features in the latest Android OS, there is a lot to cover. Now you can edit screenshots on Android P, that is one feature which I like the most since I took a lot of screenshots while I am at work and with this new feature my work will be easier.

Samsung has the screenshot editor feature in their TouchWiz since very long, Last year Apple also added the screenshot editing to iOS 11 and now stock Android has it, although it took like forever. Good news is that it’s here now and you can edit screenshots on stock Android. 

Taking a screenshot on Android P is same as it was before, Hold the Volume Down + Power button together. I am sure that you know that, but what yo don’t know is how to edit Edit ScreenShots after you took them. Let’s us tell you how you can do so.

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Edit ScreenShots on Android P


How to Edit ScreenShots on Android P:

Heed the instructions below in order to Edit ScreenShots on Android P. First, we’ll tell you how to take screenshots on Android P and after that we’ll explain how you can edit the screenshots.

Take ScreenShots on Android P:

  • Press and Hold Volume Down and Power Button together.

Edit ScreenShots on Android P:

  • Once you have taken the screenshot, you’ll see a new button on the heads up-style notification ” Edit “. Tap on Edit button, you’ll be taken to a new menu. Here you can edit the screenshot.

The thing is that right now you can only crop your screenshots on Android P. As Like Samsung and Apple you cannot draw, add arrows, or do any highlighting etc. Still, it’s a big step and we’ll see more option in the future from Google since they have added screenshot editor feature in Android P.

That’s all.

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