Activate and use Gesture Navigation on Android Pie


Here’s how you can activate and use Gesture Navigation on Android Pie. Those who don’t about the best features of Android P. You can visit our post: P for Pie – Best Android Pie Features.

There are so many features that came in the new Android P, but one feature is worth talking about and it is Gesture Navigation. The Gesture Navigation gives you the navigation control in the form of a slider at the bottom of the display. Sliding, swiping, and pulling up this slider performs different operations.

When the Gesture Navigation is enabled, it hides the typical navigation keys of the phone. The operations of this slider can be easily modified. In the default state, pressing the slider once opens the home screen, pulling the slider up opens the Google Now and sliding it opens recent applications.

When there is a page or application opened, from which you can go back to a previous screen, a small back button appears before the slider. The back button will not appear where the back operation is not required.

Now let’s tell you how to can Activate and use Gesture Navigation on Android Pie.

Gesture Navigation on Android Pie

How To Activate and use Gesture Navigation on Android Pie:

Following are the instructions to activate Gesture Navigation on Android Pie. Keep that in mind, Gesture Navigation is not enabled by default, you have to enable it manually. Follow all the steps below and you can be able to enable Gesture Navigation.

Google Pixel 3 is coming with the Gesture Navigation enabled by default. We have used the Gesture Navigation and it is quite remarkable but you need to time learn it.

Activate Gesture Navigation on Android Pie:

Activate Gesture Navigation on Android Pie

  • Open Settings on your device.
  • Head over to the system section -> select Gestures.
  • Now Turn on the options as per your desire. Do check the Swipe Up on Home button. It will help you switch between apps, you can easily access all of your apps and more.
  • When you are done, head back to the home screen. You’ll see your navigation buttons have disappeared.

Use Gesture Navigation on Android Pie:

  • If you have used iPhone X then it won’t be an issue to use Gesture Navigation on Android devices. You’ll see a new pill on the screen when you ever you want to go to home screen, Tap on it. Moreover, if long press the same button, Google Assistant will open up.
  • You can easily go backward, you will see a small arrow right next to the start button. Tap on it and it will take you back.
  • In order to access all the apps you to have to swipe up on the home button. It will take you to the app drawer.

We’ll tell you more about it, but this is it for today. This is how you can activate Gesture Navigation on Android Pie. Please let’s know how was your experience in the comment section.

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