Galaxy S9 screenshot shows how you will be accessing the fingerprint reader


Are you excited that you will finally be able to get an in-display fingerprint reader on the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+? Well, don’t get too thrilled because you might not get to see this change unless and until the arrival of the Galaxy Note 9, but there is going to be a change as far as the fingerprint position of the flagship goes.

Galaxy S9 screenshot shows how you will be accessing the fingerprint reader

What we mean is that you will still need to rest your fingers at the rear shell of the Galaxy S9 to unlock it, but this time it is going to be a little different. According to a leaked screenshot from an application that will most likely belong to the health category, the fingerprint reader on the upcoming flagship can be seen located at the bottom of the camera lens.

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Samsung’s heart rate sensor, on the other hand, is located right next to the camera lens. The fingerprint positioning on the Galaxy S9 means that it will be easier to unlock the device since it will not require a huge amount of work from your end. Lots of users still prefer unlocking their smartphones using the fingerprint sensor because it is quick and painless but it is not going to be the only option available in your hands when you’re all set to upgrade to the Galaxy S9.

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The phone is also rumored to get a 3D sensing solution that could potentially upgrade the facial recognition accuracy meter on the Galaxy S9. Since the phone might also get is own AI engine, it is possible that the phone is smarter than the competition and will be able to tell the difference between the owner and an imposter.