Deslide: Remove Slideshow From website


Let me tell you how you can Desilde or Remove Slideshow From the website. I have seen many websites that are using slideshows on their home page rather than simple article lists. To be honest there is no issue using slideshows to feature posts on your homepage.

However, the purpose behind using slideshow is to get more impressions and it does work. But on the other hand, it also leads to more ads and ads. Thus, users get annoyed while visiting such websites, I do.

Remove Slideshow From website

Not only ads, but you also have to click next to a number of times before you get your desired content. Slideshows take things slow when it comes to browsing and that’s why most of the users don’t ever come to websites like these.

Users skip such sites and move to the next one, a lot of us do this. But sometimes whether we like it or not, the article or the content we are looking for is on a website that is using the slideshow. So in order to read the article and Remove Slideshow From the website, there are a number of tools that can be used.

In this post, I will tell you how to Deslide or Remove Slideshow From the website. Let’s get started now.

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Deslide: Remove Slideshow From Website:


In my point of view, the best option is to use a website called Deslide. This web-based app will allow you to easily de-slide a slideshow and after that, it will convert the page into an article.

Not only it will allow you to de-slide a URL it will also allow you to create a Bookmarklet of deslide. That way in the near future whenever you came across a slideshow just click on the deslide bookmarklet and it will take you to the Web-based app.


Next is the PageZipper, This web-based app is available as an extension for Chrome & Firefox. Moreover, you can also bookmark this website in your toolbar for later use.

PageZipper automatically merges all the pages provided in a slideshow into one page. Using page zipper is very easy, open the PageZipper website follow the instructions provided there. Either you can use the PageZipper bookmark or you can use Firefox or Chrome extension.

Deslide using PrintFriendly:

Let us go a bit further and I will tell you another Website which will help you Remove Slideshow From Website. Heed the instructions below.

  1. Copy the page Url you want to de-slide.
  2. Open PrintFriendly Web-based app on your browser.
  3. Paste the copied URL in the given field and click on the preview button.

There you go you have successfully de-slide a slideshow on a website.

Deslide using PrintWhatYouLike:

Next up is PrintWhatYouLike, it works the same way as PrintFriendly & ClusterFake. Heed the instructions below to Deslide a Slideshow.

  1. Copy the URL you want to Deslide.
  2. Now you need to open the Web-based PrintWhatYouLike App in your browser.
  3. Paste the URL in the required field and hit start.
  4. You need to wait, the PrintWhatYouLike tool will analyze the full page. After that, it will allow you to deslide a specific part

There you go, you have successfully removed Slideshow From a Website. That’s all. Please try these tools and let me know how’d it go for you.

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