Asphalt 8: Airborne Review


Asphalt 8: Airborne Review: Gameloft has recently released it’s next game in the Asphalt Series named as ”Asphalt 8: Airborne”. The game has come up with beautiful graphics and the gameplay has been revamped completely. The game is available for Android & iOS users in Google Play Store and iTunes now.

Being 21st-century kids, we are enjoying the best of technology ever!! Once games and real life were easily distinguished but with advancement, the boundary is decreasing every day. And in addition to that, their things are more portable than ever. If you guys remember how those bulky consoles were always in front of our eyes! With mobile technology, portability has gone to a whole new level and the best example for gaming freaks is Gameloft games series!! There was a clear concept that games like PC or PlayStation can never run on mobiles and I used to believe it too till 22nd of August!! Yes, it’s Gameloft’s new game, ASPHALT 8.

Asphalt 8: Airborne Review:

 Asphalt 8: Airborne


Previous mobile racing games were good but not in competition with console games!  But with Asphalt 8, Gameloft has just blasted away that boundary. This game features amazing graphics, fluid controls, real-life effects, fun, excitement, enthusiasm, and endless adventure.

Now I’ll tell you guys what are going to find in this game. As you start the game, the main menu as well, not so impressive gets the job done! Here you will find multiplayer mode in the left bottom where you can race with others all around the world!

Quite exciting On the top there is info about credits, ranking, stars, and an icon to access garage to buy and upgrade cars. In the right, you will find career mode which is in form of seasons! Lots of racing is waiting for you there! If you scroll it down, there are hot deals where Wi-Fi in-app purchase one can buy several cars.

Then there is local Wi-Fi option which is my favorite as I compete with my brother and beat him every time! Just got to create a room or join a room n boom! Fill remaining spaces with com players if you want. Then there is solo play mode. It’s interesting if you just wanna race really quick and simple. Select any track, mode, and car and go race! No traffic to bother you.

Asphalt 8: Airborne Screenshots:



  • You are asked to select a car. Can buy a new one, upgrade it and paint it. I feel visual customization could have been more flexible though.

IMG-20130823-WA0023IMG-20130823-WA0022  IMG-20130823-WA0024

  • For car lovers, you won’t be disappointed because it even features some concept cars! Pretty cool..!! There are several classes of car: D, C, B, S. (S FOR SUPERIOR). Collect money and ride them.

IMG-20130823-WA0025IMG-20130823-WA0026 IMG-20130823-WA0027IMG-20130823-WA0028

How To Play Asphalt 8: Airborne:

Now comes the real part! The racing. Well, there’s only one thing to say; PERFECTION the controls are so fluid n realistic that I got used to them in a few minutes. Therein this section also you have for options for controls so that every driver can drive in his own unique style!


  • Now as you choose best-suited controls. Well, BURN THE TIRES! There’s no need to hold back. The racing experience is as amazing as any of it would have desired. You can use nitro by tapping the right side of the screen.
  • Now it has 2 modes. You can either increase the intensity of NOS by 3 successive taps slowly or just hit the PERFECT NITRO! It’s a new feature introduced by asphalt. When you hit NOS, a red bar appears.
  • If timing is perfect n screen is tapped while the marker is in the red region, you will enter a perfect nitro mode which is the max power it can offer. And it’s my favorite part as I like speed!


As you drive in speed, the tail lights give off a bigger trail, water on road splashes more and the whole view becomes blurry giving a spectacular view! In sunlight, you see lots of reflections (only if you selected high visual quality in the settings menu). This reminded me of NFS MW 13.

 IMG-20130823-WA0037IMG-20130823-WA0045IMG-20130823-WA0044 IMG-20130823-WA0038IMG-20130823-WA0039 IMG-20130823-WA0040IMG-20130823-WA0041 IMG-20130823-WA0042IMG-20130823-WA0036

  • In asphalt 8, drifting is more fun than ever. As the car is more in control, drift is more realistic and stylish. In action view camera, during drift, u see the car from the side which gives an amazing overall feel!



  • Some people just can’t drive without music! Asphalt tried its best to please such users.
  • Now u can select your favorite kind of music genre during the race by hitting the menu button and selecting bass, rock or electronic music in the bottom side.
  • I have to say, music effects are just marvelous!


  • Clumsy drivers need to the lookout. Asphalt 8 features more realistic crashes n if keep your eyes open, you see when you’re driving on,  the coming cars flash their lights – the Dippers!!
  • ‘Now, this is the first game in which I saw this feature. And it’s too creative!


  • This game is called Airborne because of some reason. The whole track contains straight and curved ramps where you can perform simple jumps or feats!
  • R.I.P physics lol is you drift before getting on a straight ramp, you will do a flat spin and by jumping over a curved ramp, you will do a barrel roll, which is not so easy! In tunnels, the car can move all over walls!


Overall, this game is just perfect for racing lovers! For just 99 cents, it’s the best trade ever I guess!

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  1. Really good game.despite the fact it is lagging in lg 4x hd has tegra 3 it is laging in high quality….may be the update will improve u know by any chance how to enable high quality option in huawei p6..

    • @naumansaleem:disqus as off now, i can’t say anything about enabling high quality option in Huawei Ascend p6 as the phone isn’t a major release and doesn’t belong to a well known company as well and the developers might not have noticed the phone while pulling off their game support for the devices. I hope that they fix the problem soon.

  2. Bro, I can’t seem to be able to view my friend in local wifi mode. He has an ipad 3. And I have an ipad 4. He doesn’t appear in my list of friends or rooms created so I can join.

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