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Garena’s COD Mobile is as good as Activision’s COD Mobile. If you just want to enjoy a new touch of graphics in the Call of Duty Mobile, you may try Garena’s version. COD lovers can easily download Garena Call of Duty Mobile PC. The Garena COD Mobile for PC will run on Windows or macOS. Before you download this game, let me give you its overview.

Overview of Garena Call of Duty Mobile

For those who don’t know, the Call of Duty is a decades-old FPS game from Activision. A year ago, Activision joined hands with Tencent to bring the mobile version of this famous game. The Call of Duty Mobile was in development for years before its official release. Before Activision rolled out the full and final version of COD Mobile, another company going by the name “Garena” released their version of the game. Garena named it Call of Duty Mobile too followed by their company name at the end.

garena call of duty mobile for pc

A huge number of users confused Garena’s COD Mobile version for the original COD Mobile. This was obvious as Garena’s version is a 100% pure rip-off of the original game. The graphics, color accents, weapons, element names, maps, everything else is similar to the original COD Mobile. The only thing where this game differs is the graphics.

For instance, if the shape of guns in Garena COD Mobile may differ from that of the same gun in COD Mobile. The number of elements in a map would differ and so on. Other than that, the gameplay, missions, tournaments, events, everything is the same. The good thing about Garena Call of Duty Mobile is that it is not a low-quality/poor rip-off. It is actually as good as the original game which is why it also has millions of players.

garena call of duty mobile pc

Garena COD Mobile Gameplay

Like Call of Duty Mobile, the Garena Call of Duty Mobile also has two modes i.e. Multiplayer and Battle Royale. In the Multiplayer mode, players are given a specific task which is to either capture the flag, secure an area, team deathmatch, or something else. The players finishing their task first win the game. In the Battle Royale, over 100 players land in the area and then the quest for life starts. The last man standing wins.

The battle royale in Call of Duty Mobile is just like PUBG, the only difference here is that this battle royale is more militarized. A wide range of weapons is available to the players. Players are also free to choose their class in both the multiplayer and battle royale matches. Garena COD Mobile also has a number of good vehicles including Jeeps, Trucks, Cars, and more. Players can also find Air Crafts and Helicopters in the game.

garena call of duty mobile pc

Activision COD Mobile vs Garena COD Mobile

It is very difficult to say which version of COD Mobile is better. Choosing one of the two versions is totally a personal choice. If you don’t want to experience the typical COD Mobile graphics, the Garena COD Mobile may be a good choice. But if you are a die-hard and old-school COD Mobile fan, there’s no reason not to play the Activision’s Call of Duty Mobile.

Garena Call of Duty Mobile for PC

We have already thoroughly covered the original Call of Duty Mobile on our site and you can take a look at all of its guides here. However, here in this guide, I am going to show you how to download Garena Call of Duty Mobile on PC. Take a look at the requirements below and install Garena Call of Duty Mobile for PC.

Requirements to download Garena COD Mobile on PC

  • Desktop PC or Laptop with Windows or macOS.
  • Internet Connection.
  • Mouse & Keyboard.
  • Google Account – If you do not have one, create it for free.
  • BlueStacks 4.2 for Windows or BlueStacks 4.1 for macOS. Download & set up the emulator using your Google Account.
  • Follow the remaining steps given in this guide.

Download Garena Call of Duty Mobile PC

  1. On your computer, open the BlueStacks emulator.
  2. In the BlueStacks, open the Play Store.
  3. Type “Garena Call of Duty Mobile” in the Play Store and search it.
  4. As you find the game, install it, installation can take time.garena call of duty mobile on pc
  5. Once done, launch Call of Duty Mobile Garena in the BlueStacks.
  6. Note down the keymapping for the game and go ahead.
  7. Choose the mode, your player, set up the basic configuration of the game, and start playing.

Final Notes

You’re all set to enjoy Garena COD Mobile for PC on a bigger screen. The advantages of playing this game on a computer are so many. For example, first of all, you’re able to see the battleground clear and better. The mouse & keyboard will give you an ultimate advantage over all those who are playing the game on their phones. FPS games are the best when played using a mouse.

You can easily take all of your enemies to the cleaners this way. With the bigger speakers attached to your computer, you can also get a better experience of the game’s sound effects. Furthermore, you will never run into storage/cache issues while playing Call of Duty Mobile Garena on PC. Just in case you run into any problems, feel free to reach out to us. We will try our best to help you out.


Is Call of Duty Mobile Garena Free?

YES! Garena Call of Duty Mobile is a free game. The game does have some IAPs, but for the most part, it’s a free game.

Can I download Garena Call of Duty Mobile on Windows 10?

YES! You can download Garena Call of Duty Mobile on Windows 10 via BlueStacks Emulator 4.2.

Is Garena Call of Duty Mobile for PC Safe?

YES! We are download Garena Call of Duty Mobile for PC via Play Store and using the BlueStacks Android emulator. Rest assured, you can fully trust our method.

Is Call of Duty Mobile Garena better than COD Mobile?

YES and NO! This is a completely personal choice. You should try both versions of this game and stick to the one that appeals to you the more.

Is Garena COD Mobile available on the Play Store?

YES! Garena COD Mobile is officially available in the Google Play Store for all Android devices.

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