FOCODESIGN: INSTAGRAM Story Creator with Templates


Instagram stories have become a part of our everyday life now. There are a million ways to create Instagram stories, but a dedicated Instagram Story story editing app with Instagram story templates would be an even better choice. FocoDesign is one such platform that takes away the hassle of creating &  crafting your stories from scratch. You just pick up a ready-made template and create a cool story that will look quite appealing to your followers. Let’s take a deep look into what exactly the FocoDesign Instagram Story Editing app is and how it works.instagram story editing app

FocoDesign – Instagram Story Editing App

Instagram Stories are one of the nicest ways to express our thoughts to our audience. In fact, Instagram is slowly becoming a new platform for brands replacing the likes of Snapchat. You can create countless Instagram stories to explain something, or just give an overview of what you are exactly up to. Instagram itself offers a number of features to make your stories look creative and extravagant, but that might not be enough for some. In fact, there is a huge number of Instagram Tips & Tricks to create beautiful stories, but I have to admit that those tricks are not as simple or easy to follow. This is the hassle that FocoDesign aims to kill. It provides countless templates and graphics that you can fit your stories into. No matter what kind of stories you want to make, you will find the appropriate and relevant templates in FocoDesign.

FocoDesign offers a web interface and a dedicated FocoDesign app for smartphones. Users can create stories using a bigger screen of their PC or just create using the phone on the go. The FocoDesign Instagram story editor offers over 5000 templates. The app allows for adding videos & photos together in a video. It also incorporates a Background remover. For videos, you can find a mixer in the video editor of FocoDesign.

The best part is that it is not only for brands or corporates, but independent influencers can also benefit from the app. The app welcomes you with an intuitive interface. You can pick up a template of your choice and replace the photo or video inside that template. The text over a template can be replaced using hundreds of unique font styles given in the FocoDesign Instagram Story Editing app. Once you’ve created your custom story, you can export it to your phone’s gallery and share it on Instagram.

FocoDesign is a great tool for marketers. A nice story can impress the masses and you can get countless interactions. If the first look of your story impresses the followers, that’s also going to result in a possible conversion.

The app is loaded with templates for different niches/business. Depending on what kind of marketing you are into, you can find an appropriate template. Not only that, but the app also offers covers for story highlights. Different templates are categorized nicely for the users to easily pick them up.

The best part? Well, FocoDesign is a free app. All the templates/images/text in the app is completely free. Not only that, but FocoDesign also doesn’t even put a watermark on your Instagram stories? How cool is that for a dedicated Instagram Story Editing app? Well, you can try it all yourself and start impressing the people following you on Instagram. FocoDesign lays the ground for potential Instagram growth. If you haven’t been enjoying a good following so far, try FocoDesign and you might end up hitting the right chords.

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