Enhance your creativity with the Fotophire Editing Toolkit


Photography has become a part of our everyday life now. We try to pick up a smartphone with the best camera. We keep posting pictures on social media platforms every now and then. While posting the pictures, we try to add to apply the best possible effects with the help of filters. Sometimes, these filters are not enough. To make our pictures look the best, some extra efforts have to be put in. Now there are hundreds of photo editors that can take your photographs to a whole new level, but not all these editors are easy to use. To quickly edit your photos on the go, you need a photo editor like the Fotophire Editing Toolkit.

Fotophire has a few basic tools packed inside. These basic tools include the Photo Editor, Photo Eraser, Photo Cutter, Photo Maximizer, and the Photo Focus. All these tools perform their jobs exactly as their name suggest. For example, inside the Photo Editor, you will find all the basic options to enhance your photo. In the Photo Cutter, you will find the options to crop a picture according to your liking. The Photo Eraser tool allows users to erase any unwanted objects from the photos. Photo Maximizer can zoom into a picture and the Photo Focus can focus on your desired pinpoint.

Fotophire Photo Editor

This is the tool that I loved the most in Fotophire. The best part of Fotophire Photo Editor is the number of filters it has to offer. There are Lomo, Black & White, Vintage, Photography, Portrait, Cinema, Environment, and Color filters. Inside each pack, there are hundreds of filters. Now, these are not your ordinary filters as you see in the Instagram or the Snapchat pictures. These filters will add the best possible touches to your photos without spoiling the original quality of the picture. The opacity of each filter can be modified from the menu.

After finding the amazing filter options in this tool, my next favorite part was the photo compare tool. You can view the before and after pictures in parallel with the help of the option given at the bottom. There is an option to pan and zoom the image as well. The size of the image can be adjusted with the help of this bottom toolbar too.

Next, to the filters, there is the crop option for the photos. The crop option has a number of pre-defined sizes. For example, you can crop the image into 1:1, 16:9, 4:3 or any other size. This option is useful if you want to fit your picture into a particular frame or you want to modify the size of your photo for printing purposes.

After the crop options, there are the adjustment options for the picture. These adjustment¬†options include the color, temperature and all other elements of the picture. The users can also change the color balance, tone curves, add creative blur or vignetting to the photo. All these options are simply click-to-apply. You don’t have to go through any kind of complex layers like the Adobe Photoshop. It’s also easier to learn how the color balance, temperature, shadows, and blur works in a picture.

Right after the adjustment tools, Fotophire has hundreds of frames. The frames are a perfect match for your travel diaries. Even if you want to add a classic or a retro look to your photos, you will find the suitable frames there. Textures and the options to add text to the pictures can be found after the frames.

Fotophire Photo Cutter

The Photo Cutter is a handy tool here. Let’s suppose you want to remove the background of the picture, and just want to keep the subject. Simply load the photo in the Photo Cutter, mark the area that you want to remove, let the tool do its job. The background will be gone. You can then place any background behind your subject. The Photo Cutter itself has a number of cool backgrounds only for this purpose. Just like the crop tool in the editor, the Photo Cutter also has all those crop options.

Fotophire Photo Eraser

Photo Eraser is exactly what its name says. It is to remove all the unwanted objects from your photos. The tool gives you a simple eraser. With the help of this eraser or paintbrush, highlight the objects or areas that you don’t want in your picture. Clicking the erase button will wipe the area off.


The whole point of using the Fotophire and writing about it was to introduce our viewers to a very easy photo editor. Fotophire can perform most of the photo editing tasks without making you go through all the complexity that you dislike. Fotophire is a premium, tool, but it does have a free version that you can try and decide whether you want to invest your money in it or not. Download Fotophire to give it a try right now. For me, the Fotophire has done a great job and I guess I’m going to use it as my primary photo editor.


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