5 Best Free Android Screen Recorder Apps in 2020


Which is the best Screen Recorder for Android? Well, there are quite a few. If you don’t want to get confused among so many options, you can find the best ones here. This is a list of best free Android Screen Recorder apps in the year 2020. These Android Screen Recorder apps will work on any new or old Android phone.

  1. Screen Recorder V Recorder
  2. AZ Screen Recorder
  3. Google Play Games
  4. Screen Recorder – No Ads
  5. Mobizen Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder – Why do you need one?

Back in the day, Screen Recorders were something that the users were reluctant to use. These days, Screen Recorders are natively installed in the mobile operating systems. Apple has a native screen recorder which can be operated through its quick toggles. OnePlus also added a native screen recorder to its OnePlus 7 Pro. Samsung has also introduced a screen recorder through its Good Lock application. While these native recorders are pretty new, the purpose was being fulfilled by third-party recorders previously.

Android Screen Recorder Apps
Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus with Screen Recorder

Third-party recorders are not completely phased out because not all companies are adding in-built apps. For this very reason, a major percentage of Android users still turn their heads to the app stores to find the best apps for this task. There are many uses of such apps and I’m going to list a few of them below.

  1. To record your gameplay.
  2. To record a video that you cannot download.
  3. In order to make a tutorial on your phone.
  4. To record any activity you want.
  5. To record a software bug on the phone.
  6. You can create a preview of anything.

Screen recorders can record the internal or external audio depending on your preferences. The recorded videos are saved into the Videos section of your phone. These are usually very high-resolution videos.

Assuming that you have a good idea about the screen recorders, let’s move towards the best Android screen recorder apps.

Android Screen Recorder Apps

Screen Recorder V Recorder

This is the best screen recorder for Android right now. The V Recorder is not just a recorder, is a video editor too. At first, it has plenty of features. You can define the video orientation in which you want to record a video. It allows changing the resolution, storage path, audio preferences, and everything else that can be possibly modified during a screen recording session. It gives you the editing options on the go. You can change anything in a video right after the recording ends. V Recorder has a separate Video Trimmer too. If you want to shorten the length of a video, you will find the Trim option useful. It’s got a video converter too. If you want to mute the audio in a video or you just want the audio from a video, you can do that using the native converter. V Recorder can be used for free for the first three days. After that, you can get it if you find it worthy.

AZ Screen Recorder

Like the V Recorder, AZ Screen Recorder is also a feature-rich application. It’s more like a screen recorder for the pros. Yes, it does have a video editor, trimmer, and converter too, but it’s got some additional features too. In the AZ Screen Recorder, you have more than 10 resolutions to choose from. You can even record in a custom resolution too. Apart from the resolution, you can also set the Frame rate i.e. 60 FPS, 50 FPS, 48 FPS, 30 FPS, 25 FPS, and 24 FPS. Furthermore, you can set the bit-rate too. It can record a time-lapse of your activity too. You can choose if you want to add a custom logo/text to a screen recording. The AZ Screen Recorder can be scheduled to record a video too.

To cut it short, if you are into recording some high-quality videos for YouTube or any other such platform, the AZ Screen Recorder is your way to go. The native recorders don’t give you the same kind of features and freedom. The best part about the AZ Screen Recorder is that it’s an absolutely free application. This is the very reason it falls at number 2 on our list.

Google Play Games

The Google Play Games are an essential part of an Android phone. Whenever you install a game and you want to link it to your Google account, you would need the Play Games. So, this automatically adds a handful of features enhancing your gaming. The Google Play Games app has a very nice recorder incorporated. You just have to turn on the recorder while playing a game. By default, it records both the internal and external audio. The only reason it falls in third place in our list is that this is built only for recording games. As soon as you exit or minimize a game, the screen recording will stop. Other than this, this is a great application as the recorded videos have the best resolution. Android Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder – No Ads

This recorder is exactly what its name says. Out of all the recorders that we talked about above, this is the cleanest one. It does everything that the AZ Screen Recorder and V Recorder can do. The reason it falls at 4th place is its user rating, which I believe will take some time to improve. It’s also got all options like changing the bit-rate of a video, setting the frame rate, changing the audio source, trimming a video, setting the time delay before starting a recording and so on. Screen Recorder is also a truly free screen recorder. It’s also my personal favorite because of its Dark Mode UI. No other screen recorder offers the dark mode at the moment.

Mobizen Screen Recorder

Mobizen falls at the last number because of a complex UI and its limited free trial. It is a very good application as it offers a lot of flexibility. For example, you can choose the video resolution, the external and internal audio recording, the watermark, etc. If you want, you can capture your own face over a screen recording. You can also define the screen recording time in the app. Furthermore, you can define the location where the saved videos will go. Mobizen is a good temporary screen recorder.


That’s all with the list of Android Screen Recorder apps. I hope that you find this list useful. I also hope that you would use these apps for positive means only. If you intend to use the recorders for any wrong means, beware of the laws in your country. Any illegal activity can land you in serious trouble too. If you have any questions or queries, feel free to reach out to us. I will try my best to get back to you as soon as possible.+


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