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Apple has released the iOS 13. One major feature of the new iOS 13 is its new wallpapers. Yes, the iOS 13 comes with a whole bunch of new wallpapers. There are 8 subtle wallpapers in the iOS 13. We have got our hands on all of the new iOS 13 stock wallpapers. You can download the iOS 13 stock wallpapers from here now. Before you get your hands on the stock wallpapers of iOS 13, let me tell you a little bit about Apple’s new iOS iteration.

iOS 13 Stock Wallpapers
The iOS 13 Stock Wallpapers


iOS 13

iOS 13 is loaded with new features. Primarily, it brings the features that Android users had 5 years ago from today, but as they say, its better late than never. iOS users are now partially in 2019.

The iOS 13 adds the Dark Mode now. The system-wide Dark Mode will put less strain on your eyes. It will also save up a little bit of battery percentage on those Super AMOLED panels. Apple has also added the Dark Mode to its stock applications. At the iOS 13 launch event, Apple showed off the Dark Mode on its messaging app which looked incredible.

Apple has also updated the Photos and Videos apps. One problem with the Photos app of the iOS was that it never organized or sorted the pictures in proper order. It was such a pain to find pictures in the Photos app. It can finally organize pictures like Google photos. The iOS photos app will also show you daily highlights from your memories. Apple has also updated the photo editing tool.

Another feature that has existed on Android for ages, the Swipe keyboard is finally available to the iOS users. Users can swipe on the keyboard to type anything now. This is a good feature for those who don’t like pressing each and every single key separately.

Apple has also enhanced the Find My Device feature. The feature has been renamed as Find My and it merges the Find My Friends into Find My Device. You can now locate your device without an internet connection too. The Find My feature uses Bluetooth to locate the device.

One of the biggest iOS 13 features is the Sign in with Apple. You must have seen Sign in with Facebook and Google in most of your daily driver apps. There is no doubt that Google and Facebook are not trustworthy with your login information, so this Sign in with Apple is something that Apple should be praised for. There is no other company better than Apple when it comes to privacy.

Other features of the iOS 13 include adding attachments to events in the calendar app, the low data mode, support for 3D AR apps, time-synced lyrics in the music app, silence unknown callers and more.

iOS 13 Stock Wallpapers

The stock wallpapers of iOS 13 have a resolution of 1242 x 2208. These wallpapers can be applied to any Android smartphone or tablet and on any previous or new iPhone as well. You can download the wallpapers one by one or download them all using the all-in-one file given below.

All iOS 13 Stock Wallpapers – Download

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