Best Free Android Photo Compressor Apps in 2019


Looking for the best Android Apps to compress photos on your smartphone? You can find them all here. This is a list of 5 best free Android Photo Compressor Apps. The Android Photo Compressor Apps listed here are best in the year 2019.

  1. Lit Photo
  2. JPEG Optimizer
  3. PicTools
  4. Photo Resizer
  5. Photo & Picture Resizer

Android Photo Compressor

Compressing Pictures on Android

In the year 2019, we have officially entered the era where technology is making most of the things portable. We have moved from wires to wireless. Laptops replaced Desktop PCs and now Smartphones are outnumbering Laptops. Anything that you once did with your computer can be done with a phone now. Be it document scanning, printing, photography and image editing, videography, gaming, etc. Name anything and you can do it with the phone. For this very reason, a major chunk of smartphone users prefers taking out their daily tasks through their phones.

For instance, people share documents over WhatsApp, they attend conferences through apps like Hangouts, and they fill the forms on the web through the phones too. When it comes to filling forms, you have to upload the pictures sometimes. Most of the websites have a size requirement for the images that you can upload. This is where the users are likely to face a bottleneck.

If you try uploading an image captured by your phone, you will get a size error. For such forms, you have to resize the images into a suitable size, and sometimes in a suitable format too. Most of the online form submission services support images in KB’s only, and that too less than 500 KB’s. The smartphones of today capture images of up to 10s of MBs, which is why you get those errors while uploading the images. Furthermore, if you want to send an image to someone else through an email, it is going to allow a specific size too.

This is where the Android Photo Compressor Apps come in. These images can significantly lower the size of a picture without compromising much on the quality. Any picture that you captured or you scanned through an Android scanning app, that can be resized through the Apps that can compress photos. This skips the need for a computer to perform such a small task.

I would also like to tell you why I’m sharing this list here and how did this idea come up my mind. Recently, I wanted to upload my Bachelors Degree on the Education Commission’s website for attestation. I had the Degree scanned through CamScanner. When I tried to upload it, it said that the maximum upload size was 500 KB. After this, I started finding out the photo compressors for Android. I came across 10s of photo compressors and found a few working only. Out of those few, I was able to find the best one. This is when I realized that there must be thousands of other users finding the same apps, so I decided to make this list.

While collecting these Android photo compressor apps, I have kept a few things in mind. First of all, all the apps that you are going to see, they are free. The apps have straight forward featured to reduce the size of a picture and also to crop. These apps do not add a watermark to your pictures. Last, but not the least, these Apps save all the resized/compressed photos to your phone’s gallery in a separate folder for the ease of access.

Best Android Photo Compressor Apps

Lit Photo – Photo Compress & Resize

Lit Photo is the compressor that I personally used to compress my photos. This is the most straight forward, easy to use a compressor. Lit Photo has three basic functions. It can Compress Photos, Resize Photos, and Crop Photos.

When you compress photos, you get two further options. You can either compress the photo by choosing a lower level of quality, or you can select the size that you want to compress it too. A photo is comprised of multiple ingredients. For example, it has colors, shadows, sharpness, highlights, hue, temperature, and a dozen other things. A compressor lowers down all these values leaving minimal effect on the outcome. If you will select a too low size or quality, there will be a notable difference in the compressed photo and the original photo. If you want to keep the compressed photo as close to original, you should choose quality above 40% or a size above 300 KB.Android Photo Compressor Apps

The dimensions of a picture can be changed using the Resize option in Lit Photo. By default, a picture has the resolution offered by the Camera of a phone. Resizing a picture to a smaller size will also reduce its size. The third option in Lit Photo is the Crop. As the name suggests, you can crop any picture using this feature.

Lit Photo also offers batch resize/compression/crop. There is a premium version of this application but most of the basic functionality comes for free.

JPEG Optimizer

JPEG Optimizer by STOIK Soft is my 2nd favorite in this list. With the least number of options, this is the easiest app to use. JPEG Optimizer, as its name says, is just an optimizer which can reduce the size by lower down the quality or resizing a picture. These are the only two features you will find in this app. The idea of JPEG Optimizer is to reduce the size without a loss in the quality of the picture. You can select what percentage of quality you are ready to compromise or what dimensions you want a picture to have.Android Photo Compressor Apps

It also offers batch editing and photos are saved to the Gallery of your phone. All the pictures edited through JPEG Optimizer have the JPEG format, which is also the most friendly format for all mediums. One more thing that I’d like to mention here is that JPEG Optimizer uses an ISO Noise optimization which reduces noise in the edited pictures. JPEG also comes for free. It does have a previous version, but you don’t really need that.


PicTools tends to be a complete photo solution. It has a number of features. PicTools has a photo-compress feature, resize feature, reduce feature, resize, crop, optimize, square fit and the convert feature.

The compress feature will automatically reduce the size of a picture by determining the best quality. In the compress feature, you do not get the option to choose the size. You can only choose quality here.

The Reduce feature will let you resize a picture in CM or in the DPI. You can choose the width and height of a picture in this feature. If you are interested in resizing a picture based on size i.e. KBs, you can use the Reduce feature.

The Resize feature will allow you to select the Px (Pixels) of a picture to resize it. This will affect the resolution of the picture. In the Crop feature, you get pre-defined aspect ratios to fit a picture. You can also crop freely.Android Photo Compressor Apps

Optimize feature is basically a batch-compression mode. It will find all photos above 1MB in your phone and offer you to compress them all at once. This, of course, saves a lot of space on the phone.

Square Fit will fit any picture into a proper square. The last feature is to Convert. It can convert any picture into PNG, JPEG, or WEBP. You can convert any edited picture in all of the features of PicTools too.

You see, almost all the features are doing more or less the same thing. Its just what units you are comfortable with. Whether you want to deal in Pixels, in DPI, or you want to go after the size unit. To sum it up, I’d like to say that PicTools is the best choice for those who want a lot of solutions under one roof.

Photo Resizer

The Photo Resizer has two option; Resize and Crop. Resize can change the dimensions of a picture in percentage or in Px. In both cases, you can maintain the aspect ratio. Lowering down the dimensions will reduce the size in MBs or KBs too. The 2nd option is crop, which can obviously cut down a portion of a picture. Photo Resizer also offers a batch editor. I did not really like the UI of photo editor, which is why I’m putting it at the 4th number.Android Photo Compressor Apps

Photo & Picture Resizer

This is also a resizing and cropping tool. The downside here is, you get the pre-defined resolutions/dimensions and also pre-defined aspect ratios. You cannot manually define the resolution or dimensions in Photo & Picture Resizer. If you are comfortable with the in-built preferences of this application, its good to go with. It has a premium version, but it is not really worth it when you already have great options like the ones listed above. In case none of the apps listed above work well for you, this should be the last choice to go with. Android Photo Compressor Apps



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