Best Modified YouTube Apps for Android – [Audio & Background Playback]


Love watching videos on YouTube all the time? It’s time to enhance your YouTube experience with the help of modified YouTube Apps. Here are the best modified YouTube apps for Android.

Modified YouTube
Best Modified YouTube

YouTube nowadays is becoming a primary source of entertainment. The video streaming platform has successfully knocked the mainstream media. Users prefer watching TV shows on YouTube rather than TVs now. Gone are the days when downloading songs was a thing. Most of the users just prefer listening to songs on YouTube these days. Easy access to smartphones has also increased the viewership of YouTube. I personally have the YouTube running on my phone for half of my day.

The content on YouTube is free to access, but running YouTube isn’t free. YouTube videos can eat up a good amount of your internet data. If you have a limited internet data plan, running YouTube all the time might not be possible for you. Also, it’s not a good idea to watch YouTube videos on your limited 4G data bucket. The official YouTube application for Android does not allow background play. You cannot play audio only either. These are a few downsides that make me hate the official YouTube application. Even the YouTube picture-in-picture mode is limited to only a few countries at the moment. If these limits are keeping you from accessing your desired content or listening to your desired music on YouTube, it’s time to kill these limits.

It is the beauty of Android that allows developers to incorporate their desired ideas into applications. One such thing is reverse-engineering applications like YouTube. A number of developers have reverse engineered the YouTube application to add their desired features. For example, we have the aftermarket YouTube applications to play music in the background, play the audio only, download YouTube videos directly, and a lot more.

Now, if you go on looking for these applications, you may end up finding 100s of them, but not all of them will work. We have handpicked the best modified YouTube Apps for Android. These modified YouTube Apps will help you to play videos in the background which means you can minimize the screen. You can also play the audio only. Not only these apps will help you save data enormously, but these will also let you multitask on your phone while YouTube is playing.

YouTube Vanced

Vanced is the most popular YouTube modified application. YouTube Vanced’s primary purpose is to help you minimize data usage on the phone. It can play YouTube videos on the background. You have a limited number of video quality, for example, 720P is the max in this application. The UI of YouTube Vanced is much like the official YouTube app. You can add your account to YouTube Vanced to access your playlists. Vanced is for the users who want an official YouTube app with a few extended features.

YouTube Vanced
YouTube Vanced – Modified YouTube Apps for Android

YT Vanced APK: Download


I spotted NewPipe in the FDroid repository. If you don’t know about FDroid, it is the largest open-source repository of Android applications. The NewPipe has a few more options than the YouTube Vanced. First of all, it doesn’t require the permissions that the original YouTube asks for. NewPipe will keep you from seeing all those ads too. It does have the background player. The pop-up player, which is basically the picture-in-picture mode, is available in the NewPipe app. The developers claim this application to consume the least amount of data. It also happens to be one of the safest modified YouTube apps out there.


NewPipe APK: Download


MusicPiped is a music player, but not for your local music files. It streams music from the YouTube application. MusicPiped uses NewPipeExtractor to extract music/audio from YouTube streams. Since it does not play the videos, it definitely saves data. MusicPiped can play those audio streams in the background as well. It has the search incorporated with the YouTube database. So anything that you look for using the MusicPiped search, it sends that query to YouTube, fetches the results and shows you. It is a neat application to replace your local MP3 Player since you will have access to millions of videos.

Image of MusicPiped

MusicPiped APK: Download


Just like MusicPiped, the YMusic also plays audio of the videos only. YMusic can also access your locally stored music. It has its downloader too. You can load your playlists and favorite videos in the app. YMusic is a whole music solution. While I was unable to run this application personally, I only put it up here based on the reviews I read online.

Image of YMusic

YMusic APK: Download


FireTube is the last in my list because of the way it works. It does everything that all the apps mentioned above do, but it works in a strange manner. For example, when you play a video in the application, it doesn’t play the video, it just shows you a picture or thumbnail of the video. The app claims to consume the lowest amount of data as well. While the video is just in a pause mode, the audio keeps playing. It also grabs all the videos from the YouTube database.

Image of FireTube

FireTube APK: Download

Wrap Up

That’s all with the modified YouTube apps. In theory, these applications look good, but keep in mind that not all the YouTube videos allow audio fetching. There are only a few YouTube streams that can let a script fetch its audio. So, apparently, it may look like the applications is only fetching audio, but it may be running the video somewhere in the background. Another thing to keep in mind that these applications are a bit risky too. Do not use your main account to login through these apps. Always use a spare account.

If you have any other application to add to this list, feel free to drop it the comments section below. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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