Twitter vs Twitter Lite: What’s the difference?


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George Washington once said, “If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”

However, in this 21st century, social media platforms play a vital role in exercising freedom of speech. Out of those astounding tycoons ‘Twitter’ isn’t ignorable. Twitter was created in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams and launched in July of that year.

It provides an elixir to access news and connect with people all around the world. It provides a relaxation of 140 characters, and it’s a stunning place to share your thoughts and your completely unbiased viewpoint. This article describes the contrast between Twitter and Twitter Lite applications. As you move further, you will find a detailed comparison showing Twitter vs Twitter Lite.

Twitter vs Twitter Lite
Twitter vs Twitter Lite

In later years the developers decided to launch a lite version of the main application. Hence ‘Twitter Lite’ was launched on 2017 in and was made accessible to the rest of the world later on.

The prime focus on developing this app was to provide access to the people residing in those places when they are obstructed by low-speed internet connection and the app could run smoothly in low-end smartphones. Now let me walk you through what are the basic differences between the main app and the lite version of it.

Twitter vs Twitter Lite


The memory consuming feature is the trump card of these lite versions. Twitter lite consumes less than 1MB of the virtual memory, it weighs around 500k to 600k only. On the other hand, the main app consumes about 25 MB of the storage spaces. So basically this features is peerless when it comes between these two versions.


The developers we convinced to keep the user interface of these two versions nearly identical. On an overview, one may not find much difference in these two applications. The text size in the lite version is a bit small when observed closely.

There’s a  dedicated floating tweet button in both the apps when one wishes to tweet something and it follows you everywhere. In the main app, it hides when you reply or tweet appears, while there are no such provisions provided in the lite.


Twitter vs Twitter Lite
The Twitter App

Twitter Lite

Twitter vs Twitter Lite
Twitter Lite App


The prime objective of a lite version shouldn’t be distended by unnecessary features, which are most likely a problem associated with most of the applications. Unlike Twitter, lite is anchored with only the requisite features that boost up its performance. On general surveillance, one may find twitter lite a bit faster than the main application because of its undiverted functions even in 2G or 3G network.


The developers were able to provide amazement for the typos out there when tend to use emojis as their second language to communicate. Unlike applications like Facebook and facebook lite, twitter lite supports emojis in an efficient way.

As nothing in this whole wide world is perfect so, twitter lite do carry some cons in it. Listing them as


There is no allocation of swipe gesture animation in the lite version. Which means you are allowed to glide through the windows like you used to do in the main app. So all the functions are accessible via the profile picture in the top left side with a single click. You can find the options to move to the home screen, search, DM tabs or notifications in one single list. So if you are a tinder enthusiast, there’s no room for you in this version.


To all those black lovers out there, this app might disappoint you in this context too. Since there isn’t the availability of the night mode which turns your screen black after a scheduled time in the actual version.

Twitter and Twitter Lite


The feature of holding multiple accounts has also been disabled in the lite version. As a result, one single app is dedicated to hold one account only, unlike the main one.

Twitter and Twitter Lite


This app also doesn’t allow you to save draft text while you tweet or reply. Which is available in the prime version. Hence it may teach you a lesson on procrastinating your work.

Twitter   Twitter Lite
  1. Size is standard.
  2. Can hold more than one account.
  3. Enabled night mode.
  4. Enabled swipe gesture animations.
  5. Speed is moderate.
  6. Enabled emoji support.
  1. Tiny size around 500-600kb.
  2. Cannot hold more than one account.
  3. Defective night mode.
  4. Disabled swipe gesture animations.
  5. Quick speed as it removes some bloatware.
  6. Enabled emoji support as well.

Apart from all these drawbacks, twitter lite is an eminent app, if one is ok with all these missing features then it’s highly compatible and can use your data and space in an effective and efficient way.

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