10 lesser known Google apps that you probably haven’t heard of


Google has a plethora of Android and iOS applications to entertain its users. Whether you want to hang out with someone on a video call or you want to push some images on cloud storage, you will find all the applications which will serve your desired purpose under the umbrella of Google. Some of the Google Apps like the Google Play Store, Google Play Services is an essential part of an Android smartphone, but other then these, Google has a vast list of applications from which the users can download according to their liking.

Most of the Google Apps are widely-known. You must have heard of applications by Google like Google Camera, Google Home Launcher, Google+, Calculator and many others. But there’s a chance that you probably have no idea about some of the Google applications. It might surprise some of the geeks that even a developer like Google has some applications which did not get any spotlight and make it to the list of well-known applications, but this is something that has happened for real. We’ve gathered around 10 of the lesser known Google Apps. Let’s have a look at them one by one and know their purpose.

Lesser known Google apps

Arts & Culture

Arts and Culture

If you want to get some time off from your geek-life, you should try the Arts & Culture app from Google. Arts & Culture prompts its users to explore the famous museums, artifacts, and archives all across the world. Arts & Culture can give you a close-to-real view of the places with extraordinary on-screen detail. You can take a 360-degree panoramic view of the historic places. Arts & Culture is a great application for explorers. Get it from the Google Play Store.


Arts and Culture picture

Device Assist

Device Assist IconLost the manual of your Android smartphone? Don’t worry! Google Device Assist can help you troubleshooting the basic issues of your Android device. Device Assist can intelligently detect the basic issues like GPS, battery, connectivity and the similar occurring in your device and then provide you with some working tips to get rid of them. Device Assist works with only a few of the devices. It’s available exclusively for Android.


Google Device Assist


Gesture Search

Screenshot at Apr 16 02-49-46Want to find something inside your Android device and finding it a hard task to type to search for it or navigate to the location of your desired option/file? If so, then the Gesture Search is definitely for you. Using the Gesture Search, you can find anything including the settings, applications, music, bookmarks by simply drawing a gesture on your Android phone’s screen. Gesture Search was released back in 2010, but unfortunately, this application also made its way to the less-known Google apps. You can download Gesture Search from the Google Play Store.

Gesture Search




Google’s very own photo editor, but not as popular as the photo editors of the today. Snapseed can modify your images, add details to it, crop the images according to your liking, add some charming effects and do every single thing that you would want to do to make your snaps look stunning. The Snapseed comes with a plethora of filters to enhance the beauty of your shots. Snapseed also manages your edits. Snapseed is available for Android.


Snapseed picture


Google Spotlight Stories

Spotlight stories iconPurpose of Google Spotlight stories is to present you with the stories framed in 3D and 2D animations packed with 360-degree spherical cinema-quality video. It provides you full-sphere surround sound. You can watch any story according to your liking. Google Spotlight Stories acts as a mini theater inside your Android device.

Spotlight stories

Primer by Google

Primer by Google iConPrimer does what its name suggests. If you’re looking for some quick lessons on how to market your content or how to kick-start your startup, Primer probably has got some cool tips for you. The primer has 5-minute lessons on how to bring your product or project under the spotlight. Primer’s purpose seems quite cool, but unfortunately, this application couldn’t get much attention from the users. You can grab primer from the Google Play Store.

Primer by Google


Sound Search for Google Play

Sound SearchTrying to recognize a song or a tone playing nearby? Sound Search for Google Play might be of some help in this case. Sound Search’s widgets can help you to recognize a song directly from your Android’s home screen. You can then purchase the identified songs from the Google Play and add them to your Google Play Music library. Sound Search for Google Play is available in the Play Store.

Sound Search for Play Store

Backdrop Daydream

Backdrop Daydream simply acts as a backdrop inside your TV screen. You can select a cool image to set as a background on your TV. The TV’s screen will simply act as a screen with a nice stable wallpaper. Screenshot at Apr 16 03-13-14

Google Class Room

Google Class Room Icon
It doesn’t matter whether you’re a student or a teacher, Google-Class Room is meant to be for both. The application works with the users with the Google Apps for Education Account. Class Room helps the teachers to interact with their students using this application. Teachers can start quick sessions to have class discussions using this application. Google Class Room also allows the teachers to set up paperless assignments and quizzes. Students can view their scores and states on the go. Google Class Room is also available for Android and iOS.

Google Class Room

Youtube Creator Studio

youtube creator studio iconGoogle has a very nice Youtube Android and iOS application for its smartphone audience. But Google has another Youtube application to handle the Youtube accounts. This Youtube application is the Youtube Creator Studio. Youtube Creator Studio makes it easy for you to control your Youtube channel from anywhere, any moment. You can respond to comments on your channels, check notifications and other stats. Youtube Creator Studio also allows you to manage your playlists. Youtube Creator Studio is more of a management tool for your Youtube channel.

Youtube Creator Studio


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