30+ Best Root Apps for Android in 2020


For the Android enthusiasts, here is a list of best Root Apps for Android in 2020. These are all the most useful apps for rooted Android phone right now. There are over 30 best Apps for Rooted phones listed here.Best Root Apps for Android in 2018

Rooting an Android phone is becoming tough day by day. However, if you successfully manage to root your phone, you are going to discover a new world of applications that will unleash the real power of your phone. Back in the year 2012-2015, it was extremely easy to root an Android phone.

With the new versions of Android coming out, Google improved the security resulting in keeping the users from rooting their phones. Thankfully, we now have tools like Magisk keeping root still live and alive. There is a handful of great app developers who have built some really useful applications for a rooted Android phone.

The term root access comes with its pros and cons. Where it has a number of pros, it has some cons as well. Before we head towards our list of best free Root Apps for Android, we will go through these pros and cons.

Rooting a phone gives the system access to applications and scripts that ask for it. It originated from Linux. Users use scripts like SuperSU and Magisk to root their phones. Once rooted, you can tweak the system of your phone. You can easily overclock and underclock the CPU of your phone. It can Add new features and elements to the UI of your phone. You can also enhance the performance of your phone and improve its battery life as well. Another great use of rooting your phone is to be able to install different MODs to improve the sound quality. There are MODs that can run YouTube in the background as well. The list of pros of root access will never come to an end if we just keep on discussing it.

That was just an idea about the pros, let’s discuss the cons now. Rooting the phone modifies the system. Some manufacturers use a binary counter in the bootloader of their phones. If rooted once, the binary counter gets triggered. Unrooting the phone does not erase this binary counter. This is the most common issue with Samsung users. They cannot erase the Knox counter of their phone. Because of this tripped counter, you cannot take your phone to a service center because they will refuse to provide you the warranty service. To cut it short, you are no longer eligible to claim the warranty of your phone. On the other hand, manufacturers like Google and OnePlus have a very soft policy. You can even lock the bootloaders of their phones and claim the warranty again.

In the end, rooting your phone is totally your own choice. You can have a look at these best root apps for Android now. Go through the list of root Apps for Android in 2020 and decide if you can benefit from rooting your phone or not. I have listed over 30 best apps for rooted phones here.

If you are wondering why you should root Android, you can have a look at my post where I have listed 10 reasons to root Android in 2020. You can continue reading here once you are convinced to root your phone.

Best Root Apps for Android in 2020

Magisk Manager

Magisk Manager is a Magisk-bound application. For this application to run on your phone, you must root your phone using the Magisk script. To manage the root privileges on your phone, you will find this application handy. Magisk Manager will also take care of the Magisk Modules that you may or may not install after rooting your phone through Magisk. It’s an essential application especially if Magisk was the method to root your phone. Unfortunately, Magisk Manager is not available in the Play Store. However, you can download it from the XDA Labs.


Just like Magisk, SuperSU comes with its application as well. After you root your phone with SuperSU, you will find the SuperSU application in the app drawer. Just in case you are unable to find it there, you can immediately install it. SuperSU comes for free. It’s available in the Google Play Store and also some other application repositories as well.

Price: Free

3. Root Checker

Rooted your phone but not sure if the root is working fine or not? Worry no more! Root checker will quickly check your phone and tell you if it’s rooted fine or not. This little tool comes for free as well and it’s listed in the Play Store.

Root Checker
Price: Free+

Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup is among the most popular apps for a rooted phone. Just as the name suggests, this application backup each and every single element of your phone. Be it the data of your games, your social profiles data, the placement of icons on your app drawer, the location of elements on your home screen or the entire data of your launcher, Titanium Backup can backup anything for you. To restore the data on another phone, you just have to tap a few options in Titanium and it will do the job. Titanium Backup can be found in the Play Store as well.


After Titanium Backup, this is the most popular root application for Android. Titanium Backup hibernates the background applications in your phone. Usually, the apps running in the background eat a lot of battery. With the help of Greenify, you can save a lot of battery life now.

Price: Free

Substratum Theme Engine

Substratum is a theme engine for Android OS which filled the gap left by CyanogenMOD’s theme engine. Subtratum has worked flawlessly on Android Oreo, Android Nougat and also on previous versions of Android. At the time of writing this post, it does not support Android P. However, if you are using a phone using Android Oreo or Nougat, you can quickly modify the look of your phone using this nice theme engine.

Xposed Framework

Xposed Framework literally killed the need of custom ROMs. The Xposed brings thousands of customizations in a few taps. To use Xposed Framework, you have to install the Xposed files through a custom recovery. The Xposed Framework then lists all the available MODs in the application. You can install a module just like you install applications from the Play Store. Some of the popular modules include Gravity Box and YouTube in the background.

Xposed Framework is not available in the Play Store. You can use our guide to install it right now.

Disk Digger

Lost your photos? Don’t worry, you can get them back. Disk Digger is a photo recovery application that works just like Recycle Bin. It enlists all the photos that you deleted recently. You can choose to restore your desired pictures. Disk Digger works on unrooted phones as well, but the options for an unrooted phones are limited. On a rooted phone, you can extend the usage of the Disk Digger tool.

Build Prop Editor

Buid.prop is a file that contains the build properties for an Android phone. By editing this file, you can change the behavior of your phone. The most common use of Build.prop editing is to enable the WiFi hotspot on the carrier-branded phones. There are many Build.prop editors existing today. The best one we have found is shown below.

BuildProp Editor
Price: Free+

Here is our detailed guide to Build.prop file.

Root Explorer

While installing MODs on your phone, this is the file manager that you are going to need the most. At times, you have to copy some files in the system folder of your phone. You also need to make changes to the files of applications. If these files exist inside the system of your Android OS, Root Explorer is the only way you will be able to get them.

Root Explorer
Price: $1.49


Want to add a little automation to your phone? Tasker is your friend for that. You can set applications to perform some tasks on their own. For example, you can set the Messaging application schedule a message, you can set the Internet browser to start browsing a particular website and so on. Tasker is a premium application. You can buy it if you find this application for any use.

Price: $3.49

ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer serves the same purpose as Root Explorer. The Es File Explorer is for both root and non-root users. The manager for non-root users is quite liked by the masses. It comes with a very easy-to-use UI. If you don’t want to spend a few bucks on Root Explorer, you can get ES File Manager instead as it comes for free.

Adblock Plus

A simple and straightforward application to block Ads on your phone. If you are using Xposed Framework or Magisk Modules, you can avoid installing Adblock Plus. Both the Xposed Framework and Magisk have their own modules that can serve the same purpose. However, if you have rooted your phone using SuperSU, Adblock Plus is the best choice to go with. Head over to the Adblock Plus site to download it on your phone.

Rec. Screen Recorder

There are many screen recorders out for Android at the moment. Not all of them live up to expectations. Having a rooted phone, you can take the liberty of installing the Rec. Screen Recorder. It runs smoothly in the background while installing your activity.

Rec. (Screen Recorder)
Price: Free+


Viper4Android is for audiophiles. This application gives you extended control over the music of your phone. Viper4Android has loads of sound customization options. Whether you are using your phone’s speaker for sound output or the earphones, you will be able to tweak the sound for both the outputs. Viper4Android can be installed using TWRP custom recovery and to manage it, you need its application that works on rooted phones only.

Here is our guide to Viper4Android.


By default, the applications and games on an Android phone store their data in the internal storage of a phone. Link2SD is a neat application to link the game data to your phone’s SD card. An external SD card can help you save storage on the internal card.

Price: Free

TWRP Manager

If you have a rooted phone, then most likely, you have the TWRP recovery installed as well. If you want to quit the hassle of booting into the TWRP recovery to perform small operations, you can get the TWRP Manager application. It’s a good application to control the entire TWRP through the app drawer.

Official TWRP App
Price: Free+


Want standard Unix Tools on your Android handset? BusyBox is what you need. The application comes in both the free and pro version. The pro version comes with a backup option to keep you on the safe side. You can download it depending on what features do you need.

Price: Free

System App Remover

Bloatware has been the number 1 problem for Android users since day 1. Although most of the phone manufacturers now add the ability to disable the stock applications in a phone, the bloatware problem still exists. You can disable the applications, but you cannot completely wipe them off from the phone. More than 50% of the stock applications in a phone are bloatware. These applications are either installed by the phone maker or the carrier. Deleting these applications can give you a few 100MB of free space. System App Remover can take care of the unnecessary system applications.

Xposed GEL Settings

A complete solution to the problems you face on the Google Now Launcher. This application will let you hide search bar, icons from the app drawer or from the home screen and even the all apps button. Since the Google Now Launcher is loved by majority of the Android enthusiasts, you are most likely going to need the Xposed GEL Settings. Rooted Android masters, here you go.

Resolution Changer Pro

A very useful application especially for those who connect their phone to the Smart TVs. For example, you want to play a game on your TV through screen mirroring, and the game starts lagging, you can drop the resolution on your phone with the help of Resolution Changer Pro and it might run smoothly then.

On Samsung Galaxy handsets like the S7, S8, S9 and Note 8, it’s possible to change the resolution through the Settings > Display. However, not many Android phones come with this feature in-built. 

Resolution Changer Pro is not available in the Play Store. You can download it from here and install it manually.

Quick Reboot

Can’t remember what keys to use to put your phone in download or recovery mode? Quick Reboot will make it easy for you. With Quick Reboot, you don’t have to press any physical keys again. Simply tap the power button of your phone so that the extended reboot menu pops up on your phone. You can chose the reboot mode by tapping the screen.


Flashify eliminates the need of going into custom recovery again and again. You can flash all .img and .zip files using this application. You can even backup and restore the Nandroid backup using Flashify application. It comes free for rooted Android phones.

You can also take a look at our comprehensive guide to Flashify.

Flash Fire

Want to update your phone but don’t want to lose root? Flash Fire is your friend. This application can flash full firmware files and also the OTA files in the .zip format without touching the root access on your phone. Flash Fire comes from the renowned developer Chainfire. Although the application will not be receiving any further updates as Chainfire has said goodbye to the Android community, you can still use it while its available and its working.

[root] FlashFire
Price: Free+


Control all the background services on your phone that eat up more than 50% of your battery while sleeping. Servicely will not let the unimportant applications wake up your phone again and again.

Wakelock Detector

Does your phone wake up randomly and you have no idea what’s going on? Well, there are certain applications that turn on the light of your phone every few hours. These applications do not just turn on the screen, they also consume the battery of your phone. Wakelock Detector is an application that can capture all the applications that triggered the display of your phone while it was on rest. You can then chose whatever you want to do with those applications.

Nandroid Manager

A simple tool to restore your Nandroid backup. The application can restore all of your data include the Apps and Games data to its place. Nandroid Manager is compatible with TWRP backups only. The application is not free.

ROM Toolbox Lite

An all-in-one application for modification lovers. ROM Toolbox puts together all the useful root apps and MODs under 1 roof. ROM Toolbox can install custom themes as well. The application has the Nandroid backup & restore feature too.

ROM Toolbox Lite
Price: Free+

Better Battery Stats

Want to take a deep look into what’s going on with the battery of your phone? Better Battery Stats application can give you an idea of every single application’s battery consumption. It’s a very good application if you’re looking to keep a strict control over the battery behavior of your phone.

Price: $1.99

Battery Calibration

After installing a new ROM on the phone, the battery often acts weird. That is because it loses the calibration and needs to be re-calibrated. Battery Calibration is handy in such cases. The application can calibrate the battery of your Android phone in only one tap.

Battery Calibration
Price: Free+

Here is our detailed guide to Battery Calibration on Android.


Another recycle bin for Android. It is slighty different from Disk Digger as it allows you to restore many files other than the photos. You can restore Videos and Music files as well.

WiFi Password Viewer

Back in the day, you could view the password of the WiFi that you are connected to on your Android phone. The feature is no longer available on many phones. If you want to know the password of your WiFi connection, you can use the WiFi Password viewer.

DNS Changer

If you want to use custom DNS for your internet connection 3G/4G or WiFi, the DNS Changer application will let you do that.

WiFi Kill

Don’t like someone using your internet connection? With WiFi Kill, you can restrict the internet access of unwanted people. The people connected to your WiFi will be shown in the application. You can tap their connections to kill their access.

3C Toolbox

3C Toolbox combines the functionality of various applications into one package. This application is for those who don’t want to install so many root apps. They can install 3C Toolbox alone to enjoy various features.

3C All-in-One Toolbox
Price: Free+

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That’s it for now. I have tried to list the best root apps for Android for average Android users. If you are not a pro in Android yet, you will still find these applications helpful and useful. I will try to keep updating this application whenever I come across a new and useful root app. If you have anything to add to this list, feel free to drop its name in the comment section. For any queries, reach out to me through the comment box or through our contact us page.

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