The Best Twitter Search Tricks You Can Find [ Tip ]


When it comes to best source social media Twitter is on the top and there is no doubt about it. There are hundreds of other social media but no one can replace Twitter, In this post I’ve something really interesting for all Twitter users. The Best Twitter Search Tricks You Can Find, you can use these simple quires to find the exact result.


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The Best Twitter Search Tricks List:

  • from:BarackObama

If you want to find particular tweets from a user.

  • to:BarackObama -filter:links

Now if you want to find tweets from a user containing links.

  • elections list:TIME/time-staff

This query will help you find  tweets from a user who is in particular Twitter list

  • min_faves:100

This will help you find Youtube videos which are favorited by at least 100 users.

  • earthquake min_retweets:10

This will help you find tweets which are retweeted at least 10 times.

  • iPhone near:NY within:10mi

If you want to find tweets from users who are nearby.

#foodrecipe lang:en
This will help you find specific language tweets.
  • iPhone Reviews since:2016-04-01 until:2016-04-09

IF you find tweets sent in a particular time frame.

  • YouTube good OR amazing OR awesome filter:links

IF you want to find awesome and amazing Youtube videos on twitter.

  • #Emmys filter:images

This will give you images containing specific Hashtag.

  • Barack Obama filter:news

This will help you find tweets that mention a keyword and links to news websites.

from:john to:peter -RT
Tweets from user @John that @mention user @Peter but exclude Retweets
  • family games filter:safe

This will help you find filter tweets containing adult content.

  • tornado filter:media

If you want to see tornado tweets which contains images or videos.

music concert filter:native_video
Show tweets that contain native video
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