Track and Locate Lost Galaxy Note 8 Remotely


Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 has turned out to be its most successful phablet so far. Last year, the Galaxy Note 7 caused much of damage to the South Korean giant’s reputation. Samsung took care of every single element while releasing the Galaxy Note 8 this year. It’s an amazing device with a fabulous display and upgraded hardware. Today, we are going to learn how we can locate lost Galaxy Note 8. If your brand new Galaxy Note 8 has slipped out of your hands or your new Note 8 has been stolen and now you need to track it, then this post is for you.Locate Lost Galaxy Note 8 Remotely

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 carries a 6.3-inch WQHD+ display. There is an 8 MP shooter fixed atop of the edge-to-edge infinity display. Like the Galaxy S8, the Galaxy Note 8 doesn’t come with a home button either. The Galaxy Note 8 is the first Samsung phone to come with a dual 12 MP shooter. Both the shooters at the back of the Galaxy Note 8 have the OIS. Galaxy Note 8 has its iconic S-Pen pushed inside from the bottom. The phone has a whopping 6 GB RAM and 64 GB internal storage. Samsung has revamped its Samsung Experience UI for the Note 8. It runs on Android 7.1 Nougat out of the box. Whether you want a phone with a stunning display and crispy graphics, or you want a phone with an amazing design and hardware, Galaxy Note 8 is going to be the right choice for you.

Although you should handle your new Galaxy Note 8 carefully, mishaps of losing your phone can easily occur. There are various methods to find a Galaxy Note 8 that is lost or stolen. The first method is to find your phone through Samsung’s Find My Mobile service and the second method is to find your phone through Google’s Android Device Manager. Both the services work pretty great. Both these services are pre-activated on your phone. Being an Android and Samsung user, you must have one of these activated your phone. If you are not logged in your phone using the Samsung account, you must be running a Google account. So, your chances of finding your phone are pretty obvious because you are definitely using one of these services. This is the phone asks you to set up your Samsung and Google account while setting it up for the very first time.

Locate Lost Galaxy Note 8 [Lost or Stolen]

Track and Locate Lost Galaxy Note 8 Remotely using Samsung Find My Mobile

Find My Mobile is a great service to track or locate lost Galaxy Note 8. Find My Mobile gives you the options to remotely wipe your lost phone. It also has the capability to lock your lost phone and it can ring your phone louder if you have lost it around you. With the help of Find My Mobile, you can also retrieve all the logs of activities on your phone. Here is how you can make the use of Samsung Find My Mobile.

  • Open Samsung Find My Mobile web page.
  • Login into the Samsung Find My Mobile page from your computer or any other device.
  • Make sure you are using the account that you used to sign into Samsung account on your phone.
  • Find My Mobile will show a map if the map is empty then click on “Switch Map”. It will give you the last location of your phone and also the current location of the phone.
  • Find My Mobile will bring also bring a list of options on the right side which will be as
  • Now depending on your choice, you can Ring your phone, you can remotely lock and yes, you can remotely wipe it to delete all your personal data from the phone.
  • Choose your preference now and track your lost phone. That’s all.Lost Galaxy Note 8

Locate Lost Galaxy Note 8 using Google Android Device Manager

Google’s Android Device Manager can perform almost all of the functions that you saw above in the Samsung Find My Mobile guide. Here is how to make the use of Android Device Manager to locate a stolen or lost Galaxy Note 8.

  • Open Android Device Manager web page and log in using the same account you used on your phone.
  • Android Device Manager will show up on a map and also the ring and erase options.
  • Now depending on your preference, you can pinpoint where your phone is and you can also ring it to find it nearby or you can remotely lock and wipe it.
  • That’s all.Lost Galaxy Note 8
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