How to Solve Start Failure Memu


In this guide, you’ll find all the solutions of Memu Emulators Issues. Including Memu stuck at 99, Stuck at 59% loading page, and Stuck at 100% loading page.

There are many emulators which can be used to install Android apps on our PC, among them, there is an emulator named Memu. It works far better than others and that’s why it’s getting popular. Now every emulator has issues while installing or using, that is why we have made a guide in which we have covered all the issue regarding Memu.

Heed the instructions below to solve starting failure issues on Memu.

Fix Memu stuck at 99

How to Solve Start Failure Memu:

We’ll be addressing all the issues separately, all the solution is from Memu official blog. We’ll be updating this post as we found out new solutions.

List of Memu Start Failure Issues:

  • Failed to start at the beginning.
  • Stuck at 59% loading page.
  • Fix Memu stuck at 99.
  • Stuck at 100% loading page.
  • Stuck at Android Home with a popup of “MEmu is starting”.

Fix Failed to start at the beginning:

  • If you are using an old version of Windows for e.g Windows XP. The best possible solution is to upgrade your Windows to the latest version. Windows XP is not compatible with Memu because it is missing some library files.
  • When your Windows is crashed and you have rebooted your computer and Memu is not working. The best solution for that is to install a new MEmu with Multi-MEmu.
  • You should disable your Antivirus or firewall because sometimes some files are blocked by firewall or Antivirus.
  • While installing Memu an unexpected error occurred and cause of that the installation is terminated. To avoid these type of situations, We would prefer portable MEmu.

Fix Stuck at 59% loading page:

  • The best solution we have found so far is to upgrade your graphics drivers or graphics card. By any means, you cannot find your graphics driver online then you should try 3DChip Tool.
  • You need to Disable hardware-assisted virtualization. Open your Antivirus->TroubleShoot->Uncheck hardware-assisted virtualization-> Reboot.

Fix Memu stuck at 99:

  • If you are stuck on 99% loading page, simply restary your device, you need to wait for few minutes, now make sure you are running latest OS and hardware-assisted virtualization is enabled.
  • Another best solution for that is to install a new MEmu with Multi-MEmu.

Fix Stuck at 100% loading page:

  • This error mostly triggers because of Kaspersky, uninstall Kaspersky or install a new MEmu with Multi-MEmu.

Fix Stuck at Android Home with a popup of “MEmu is starting”:

  • All you have to do is, Click on Windows Button, Open Run -> Type netsh Winsock reset -> Hit enter. Reboot your computer and you won’t be facing “MEmu is starting”.

That’s all. If you are facing any issue while installing and using Memu, Please tell us in the comments section so we can help you.

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