Sign in to iCloud Popup Loop Fixed in iPhone running iOS 8

It is simple, if you can’t log-in to your iCloud account you can’t use your Apple Device, however, there are times when you need to enter your Apple ID install some app or stuff and right about the time when the ID pop-up shows, it starts a never ending loop, which can only be stopped by pressing the Home Button, the real problem is that when you revised the process, the loop revised itself again and again, no matter how many times you try. The reasons behind this problem is either with your Wi-Fi, or the update that you has recently installed or skipped.

Whatever the problem is, we all know that this problem can be teasing and also in the time of need it can beat the hell out of you. If there are those who are still looking for a solution to get rid of this problem, we have a simple solution for this problem. There are only Two possible solutions, if none of them works, Restore your device, but make sure if it is really necessary.

Sign in to iCloud Popup Loop Fixed in iPhone running iOS 8

Fix Sign in to iCloud Popup Loop:

Re-Enter the Apple ID:

  1. Visit
  2. Sign in using your Apple ID that you don’t use much by clicking the Manage your Apple ID
  3. Click on Edit right next to the Apple ID and Primary Email Address
  4. Now Enter the Apple ID that you don’t want to use again, the previous one will help
  5. Having Change your ID, Reset your device
  6. Again you’ll be asked to enter your Apple ID
  7. Now enter the current Apple ID, that was at the time when you were asked by cloud
  8. Change the Apple ID and Make Sure to Confirm it

Wi-Fi and Hard Reset:

Sometimes it is caused by any bug in the Wi-Fi. To solve this problem, you need to Power Off your device and turn it on again by Pressing the Home and Power button to boot it. It will take sometime to initialize things up, so better ready your device by visit Settings > Wi-Fi and enter Wi-Fi password and continue.

Restore Your device: (Last Resort)

  1. Make Sure to Back-up your device using iTunes.
  2. Once done, Select your Phone from Menu
  3. Click Restore your iPhone.
  4. That is it
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