Set Text Message Ringtone in Android – [Tutorial]

If you don’t know how to set Text Message Ringtone in Android, then heed the instructions below to get it done. Most of the time common Android user go with the default ringtone and he didn’t even know that he can change it. Well for all those simplistic persons I have made that post.

You can set a custom ringtone for your Android device using third-party apps, also you can set it by downloading the supportive format. Even you can set a specific ringtone for selected contacts. Let’s start the process.

I’ll address both methods separately, Set Ringtone for All Text Messages and Set Ringtone for Specific Contact.

Set Text Message Ringtone in Android

Set Text Message Ringtone in Android:

If trying to Set Ringtone for All Text Messages, you can do it by going into messages. If you don’t want to go through with all this then you can download the following app and follow the instructions below.

Set Ringtone for All Text Messages by one Tap:

  • Download Zedge from the following link.
  • Once you have installed Zedge, Open it and Tap on Notifications.
  • You’ll get a list of unlimited notifications, tap on the one you like.
  • Tap on the play icon, listen and if you like it tap on white button on the bottom of the screen.
  • You’ll get different options, Tap on the set notification button.

Set Ringtone for All Text Messages:

  • Open message app, Tap on 3dots located on the top right side of the screen.
  • Tap on Settings.
  • Tap on Notifications.
  • Tap on Notification Sound.
  • Select the desired one and it will be your text message ringtone.

Set Ringtone for Specific Contact:

  • Open up contacts.
  • Tap on the desired one.
  • Tap on Menu (3dost).
  • Tap Select Ringtone.
  • Choose the one you want for this contact, you can also select only “Vibrate”.

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