Samsung to sell refurbished Galaxy Note 7 with 3200 mAh battery in India and Vietnam


Samsung is not ready to say goodbye to the illustrious Galaxy Note 7. According to new reports out of South Korea, the company is planning to sell refurbished Galaxy Note 7 in emerging markets like India and Vietnam. To do that, they will be replacing the faulty batteries  which had 3500mAh power to a battery with 3000mAh-3200mAh power.

Samsung made the report of the investigations into the issues which caused the Note 7 to explode public last month. In which two issues, both related to the battery used in Galaxy Note 7 were identified. Samsung has procured batteries from two suppliers and it was discovered that one of the batteries had an irregular size and the other one faced manufacturing flaws which led to the crashing of the battery.

Samsung in the global recall got back 98% percent of the units and through refurbishing the Note 7 smartphones they will be able to recoup from losses incurred by the Note 7 disaster. Samsung will be replacing the battery of the devices and using a 3000mAh-3200mAh battery capacity. Along with that the back panel will be different given that they had to remove it to change the battery. Do not expect the refurbished unit to look just as the recalled units. The rest of the features will be the same, it will ship Android 7.0 Nougat.

As it will be a refurbished unit it will be priced significantly lower than the original Note 7. Given that they want to recoup some of the loss occurred, they will be setting the price point in such a way to make it affordable for the consumers. Along with that this is a good way for Samsung to recycle the products instead of discarding them as they have to follow environmental regulations. So, will you buy the refurbished Galaxy Note 7 when it lands in the market near you?