Samsung not scrapping the Galaxy Note flagship

After the suspension of Galaxy Note 7, many analysts predicted that we will not look at another Note plablet again. They believed that the Note brand would not be able to make a successful come back after the battery exploding fiasco which led Samsung to first recall and replace the devices and then due to continual issues discontinuation of the Galaxy Note 7 line up. For a lot of Note fans this was disappointing as the Galaxy Note smartphones are one the best in terms of specs and performance. Earlier today, Samsung held a press conference discussing what went wrong with Galaxy Note 7. There talking to reporters Samsung Mobile Chief. DJ Koh, confirmed that Galaxy Note 8 device is in the books and the Note line up is not dead after all.

Good news for all the fans that love their Galaxy Note phablets as DJ Koh announced that ‘I will bring back a better, safer and very innovative Note 8‘. That indeed is a need of time. Unless companies innovate, they cannot move ahead and Samsung with its flagships has always tried to innovate and bring their users something new. ‘Safer’ definitely is one feature at top of everyone’s list with the next Note, something that does not ‘crash and burn’.

Samsung indeed is taking a risk by producing another Note flagship. But if they manage to ship out an impeccable, innovative Galaxy S8 and then Galaxy Note 8 that does not explode, then their risk will pay off. Die hard Note fans are looking forward to another Note flagship but gaining the confidence back  of disgruntled customers is not going to be an easy task. We do know that Samsung is up for the job.

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