Samsung bringing back refurbished Galaxy Note 7


Samsung in an official blog post today confirmed that they are bringing back a refurbished Galaxy Note 7. A report out last month suggested that Samsung is planning to refurbish Galaxy Note 7 handsets and will be bringing them for the South Korean market.


¬†As there was no chatter regarding the bringing back Galaxy Note 7 , so we thought maybe Samsung has ditched the idea. Well that doesn’t seem to be the case as confirmed by Samsung. The company promises that they will be refurbishing Galaxy Note 7 an an ‘environment friendly way‘.

Right now it is not confirmed which markets it will come in as the company will have to get regulatory approvals and see local demands too. Samsung will be following ‘three principles’ to make sure that the devices are recycled and reused in an appropriate manner.

Firstly, the company will see whether the given devices can be refurbished or be used as rental phones. For this the company will again have to get their devices certified from the regulatory bodies and the get them out in the markets. Let’s see which markets Samsung chooses to take the plunge in.

If not, then at the second step the reusable components of the device will be looked at and detached for further use. Different components such a processors and camera sensors can be reused again r given to different units for testing. At the third step, different metals and other parts will be extracted. The process will follow environment friendly codes.

The refurbished smartphones will have a lower battery capacity and will feature a different rear. Samsung made the decision to recycle and refurbish the Galaxy Note 7 after their MWC event was crashed by Greenpeace protesters who wanted to know what the company will do to its 4.3 million Galaxy Note units.



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