Prevent Apps from Being Deleted from iDevice


For all those who have kids in their house running around, messing with their devices, doing whatever they like. Since they are kids, they don’t know what they are doing, even if they delete some of your installed apps. On the other hand, if you have some naughty friends, who likes to mess with your device, they also don’t care, how important a game or an app to you, who knows how high your score was in it, that you can’t able to reach the same level again Or sometimes you just remove an app without thinking and afterwards realize that you need it. In such cases, you need something to remind you that you are going to delete this app and also for others put something that they won’t be able to mess with your apps so simply.

The UninstallNever, helps you in this matter, it is a jailbreak tweak that removes the X button, that uninstall the app. Usually, when you tap and hold onto an app, a red X button appears on the top of the app, tapping on which will remove the app. The UninstallNever will disable this option, and once you have installed this tweak, tap and hold onto the app won’t expose the X button, thus minimizing the risk of deleting the app without your permission, without further ado let us continue.

Prevent App from Being Deleted from iDevice

Prevent App from Being Deleted in iPhone:

  1. Make Sure your device is running the iOS 7 or above.
  2. Open Cyida.
  3. Search for UninstallNever
  4. Once found, Install the tweak.
  5. Respring the device.
  6. After installing the tweak, its primary feature will be activated without any work.
  7. Although the problem is, that there is no way to disable this tweak, once installed.
  8. To disable this tweak, you need to uninstall this tweak from Cydia.
  9. Enjoy saving your apps from toddlers and your friends.

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