Oxygen Updater APK – Bypass OnePlus OTA Update Wait Time


The very reason that makes me fall in love with OnePlus is how swift their update procedure is. I recently switched from Galaxy Note 8 to the OnePlus 6 because it takes ages for Samsung to update the Note 8 to Android Oreo. In order to receive future versions of Android immediately, I switched to OnePlus 6 and believe me, the company doesn’t betray you when it comes to updates.Oxygen Updater APK

Since the day of its launch, the OnePlus 6 has already got 5 major updates. OnePlus has introduced the missing features and greatly improved the performance and stability of the device. If the same had to be done by Samsung, it would have taken ages.

Like other manufacturers, OnePlus also releases the OTA updates in different phases. It rolls out the updates in different regions in different phases. At times, it takes a little longer for a particular region to get an update. For example, I live in Asia, the update that came out for the European OnePlus 6 users in the 2nd week of June, I got that same update in the 4th week of June. This is not a lot of time, however, if you can skip this wait time, it would be more than great.

Oxygen Updater – A tool to bypass OTA Update Wait Time

The newly built application Oxygen Updater is something that serves the purpose we just talked about. Oxygen Updater can skip all the time that you would wait for otherwise. The application snoops through the OnePlus servers to find an update. If the update is available, it can download the update for you. Since the update flashing procedure on OnePlus devices is way easy, you can use the local upgrade system to bring in the latest version of OxygenOS on your phone.

If you are a OnePlus user who doesn’t like to wait for the OTA updates to hit his region, you should definitely go ahead and get Oxygen Update application. It’s a very small application. The application can also update your rooted OnePlus device. So, whether you have a stock or a rooted OnePlus smartphone, the application is going to be a great companion.

Furthermore, Oxygen Updater is not just an application to update the phone. Through this app, OnePlus users can also download the full ZIP file of their ROM. Another great option of this ROM is to download the Android P Beta. It’s very easy to switch between Android P Beta and full stock ROM via this application. Oxygen Updater supports all the OnePlus phones that have come out till date.

Oxygen Update keeps a regular check on the updates. It even shows you the changelog of the updates. There is a device info tab in this application. The device info tab shows the hardware details and also the software architecture details. The app comes for free in the Play Store.

I have extracted the Oxygen Updater APK and linked it here. If you are looking for this application, download it from here. The instructions to install Oxygen Updater are given next to the APK download link. The procedure to use Oxygen Updater is also given in this tutorial.

Download Oxygen Updater APK

  1. Oxygen Updater APK – Download Link.
  2. Copy the Oxygen Updater APK to your phone.
  3. On your phone, open File Manager and locate the APK.
  4. Click on the APK file to install it.
  5. After installation, open the Oxygen Updater App from the app drawer.
  6. Now chose your device from the list of devices.
  7. Check for the latest update in the UPDATE INFO tab.
  8. If the update is available, you can flash it. Keep checking for the update otherwise.
Oxygen Updater
Price: Free

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