Best Makeup Apps for Android | 2018


This post is only for Girls, Following are the best Makeup Apps for Android. Women’s spend thousands of dollar on makeup products to look good. Moreover, there are some cheaper brands but since they are cheaper you will find the quality difference. Why spend so much money on makeup products, when you have apps which can transform you without paying a single penny.

The makeup industry is worth billions and it’s growing. People are investing in this industry because the output rate is very high. But we think before you actually invest in actual makeup products. You must give it a try to these apps and you’ll get the idea how things will work for you. Let’s get started now.

Best Makeup Apps

Best Makeup Apps for Android:

Following are the 5 Best Makeup Apps for Android devices. You can use the links at the end of each app to directly download these apps on your Android device.

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YouCam Makeup:

This app is the most popular app available on Google Play. You can say that when it comes to applying makeup on a photo. It is said that YouCam Makeup helps a number of women’s to get the best makeup. Moreover, once you are finished with the makeup on YouCam Makeup, you can easily share your photos on social media. YouCam a number of makeup effects which will help you transform your image within seconds.

The key feature of YouCam Makeup is the end result, which looks totally professional. This is the reason YouCam Makeup is used by millions. Moreover, you will get detailed skincare analysis, this will help you with your skincare. You can remove wrinkles, acne, spots, dark circles and more.

YouCam Make also let you edit your teeth, eyes, eyebrows, lips and more. All the accessories are available in YouCam Makeup app such as glasses, hairbands etc.

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Mary Kay Virtual Makeover:

Best Makeup Apps for Android

You are well aware Mary Kay beauty products and if you are a fan of Mary Kay. Then you will be glad to know that they have a dedicated app which helps you to get a full makeover within minutes. Moreover, this app will work as an assistant and provide help with products. Once you are through with the makeover, you can add the products in your shopping cart for purchasing. If you get confused what style you should use then Mary Kay Virtual Makeover you should get.

You can share your makeover photos on all the social media. Moreover, you can easily save all of your photos to your gallery. This app is free to download and there are no in-app purchases or ads.

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Makeup Genius:

This app is completely free and lets you enhance your images online. Makeup Genius has a variety of makeup filters that will help you transform your images. This app is from the worlds biggest makeup brand L’Oréal Paris. You will find a vast collection of L’Oréal Paris products in this app.


Best Makeup Apps for Android

MakeupPlus provides you the best makeup styles from around the world. All makeovers are from the world top leading makeup artists such as Bretman Rock, Nikkie Tutorials, Lisa Eldridge, Christen Dominique, Angel Merino etc. Moreover, you can add accessories in addition to makeup, this will enhance your images significantly. You can find all the latest makeup trends using Makeup Plus.

This app is free to download and there are no in-app purchases. Makeup Plus supports Android 4.0.3 or higher.

Get it on Google PlayYouCam Shop:

Best Makeup Apps for Android

This app is from the same developers of YouCam Makeup. But this one is only for shopping, you can buy all the makeup products online, using this app. This will help you save your time, rather than going to the store and pick everything manually. All the makeup brands are available in YouCam Shop and you can find sales and other promotional offers in this app. This app is using AR technology to help you transform your face. Moreover, there are hundreds of makeup tutorials provided in YouCam Shop.

Get it on Google PlayThat’s all. These were the 5 Best Makeup Apps for Android. Please do tell us how was your experience.

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