Best Free Photo Editors for Android 2020


With time, photography has also moved to a new level and got enhanced at the maximum level. There was a time when people used to capture the snapshots and then wait for days to get em’ printed out and then wait for professionals to edit the captured pics and enhance the quality.

With innovation, people saw digital cameras,  starting from scratch and getting better every day, and then DSLRs to take high-quality pictures and to make the lives of people even easier, Cameras got a place in mobile phones and then smartphones having Android or IOS running on them. Not only that, a number of third-party photo editors got developed by time for different platforms including Windows, IOS, Android, and others.

Android’s revolution has definitely changed the smartphone world and is the most widely used mobile phone operating system at the moment. What helps it to be way too awesome is the open-source natures and tons of apps being developed every day and hitting the Google Play Store. These apps include all categories including tools, performance apps, games, etc.

There’s a number of photo editors available as well in the Google Play Store that helps the users to enhance the quality/effects of the pictures at their best and change the whole pictures to look great. Since Android has eased the lives of many, hence you don’t always need a computer to do the tasks as you can do all that on your small screen smartphone.

Best Free Photo Editors for Android 2020

In the following post, I’ve compiled up 5 different and best free photo editors that can add charm to your pictures on your Android smartphone. So just in case, you’re a photography enthusiast or you love editing your pictures, the following post is going to help you and add to your skills. Let’s move ahead and go through em’.


Best Free Photo Editors for Android 2018

A very fine and well-known photo editor for Android, as the name suggests, PicsArt believes in making you a  great Artist. With over 87,000,000 installs, PicsArt has become the most popular free Android photo editor. The all in one nature of PicsArt is really impressive. It includes a photo editor, photo grid, collage maker, and a drawing tool as well.

PicsArt is full of tons of effects, borders, frames, stickers, masks, clipart graphics, text effects, callouts and much more effects that you may apply to your pictures. Moreover, PicsArt Photo Camera allows the users to take photos and apply live effects in order to enhance the pictures on the spot. The Artist network allows you to share your edited pics over the social networks. There’s much more to know about it that you may test upon installing it on your Android device. Head over to the Google Play Store and start using it now.


Photo Editor by Aviary

Photo Editor by Aviary

One of the top-notch Android Photo Editors and used by tons of users. Photo Editor by Aviary Inc has a hefty list of features to offer the users can select from. A one-stop photo editor for everything, Aviary allows the users to auto fix the photos in one touch, it also allows the users to draw and add effects to the photos.

Other features of Photo Editor by Aviary are as same as that of other photo editors but differ only in the enhancing quality of the pictures. These include Fun stickers, color balance, re-size, crop, Sharpen and blur, Color temperature and many more. Photo Editor by Aviary also allows you to create your own memes. Head over the Google Play Store and get it on your device right now as it’s absolutely free.


Pixlr Express – photo editing


Similar to other photo editors but a good choice to point out from a hefty list. Pixlr Express by Autodesk Inc is a very nice photo editing tool that helps you to add effects to your photos. It also crops em’, re-sizes, colorizes, enhances the quality of pics, add frames and do a lot of other things.

One of the very useful features in Pixlr Express is it’s Auto Fix that automatically fixes your picture for color balance, lightening conditions and makes it look perfect. Pixlr Express aims at making it’s users feel like a pro even if they are not good at editing the pictures. Pixlr Express is available for free in the Google Play and supports the devices having Android 2.2 +, head over to the Play Store and install it on your device right now.


Adobe Photoshop Express


Everyone’s probably familiar with the very well known Adobe and its applications. Adobe Systems have developed Adobe Photoshop Express for Android and is available in the Google Play Store for free. The functionality of Adobe Photoshop Express is quite similar to the above two photo editors with some exclusive features of its own including 20+ eye-catching effects.

Auto Fix is available in Photoshop Express as well to fix your photos automatically. Image rendering engine helps the users to handle the large sized pictures in a better way. Adobe Photoshop Express also allows the users to connect with their friends over the social networks. You can get it on the Play Store here.



Choice of many, and a very user-friendly, easy to use photo editor available around. Snapseed’s purpose is similar to other photo-editors but it edits the pictures in a slightly different way.

Snapseed’s features include AutoCorrect, Tune Image, Straighten & Rotate and Crop. Besides these, it’s exclusive features include Black & White, Vintage, Drama, Retrolux and many more. Snapseed also supports different languages and requires Android 4.0+ to run on. You can get it free on the Google Play Store.


That’s All. Please keep in mind that this list of Photo Editors is not based on alphabetical order. These are just randomly picked photo editors from the Google Play store and listed here after testing. In case you got any queries/suggestions, feel free stop by the comment box below. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks All.

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