List of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Variants/Model Numbers


We have been bringing you the lists of model numbers of the Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Back in 2015, we started off this trend with the Galaxy S6. Now that Samsung has released the Galaxy Note 9, it’s time to take a look at what variants the Galaxy Note 9 is going to have.Galaxy Note 9 Model Numbers

Before we go through the list of Galaxy Note 9 variants or Galaxy Note 9 model numbers, it is very important to understand why companies release so many variants of the same smartphone. It is also important to understand why you need a particular model of a smartphone for your region.

Why do variants/model numbers matter?

Samsung is going to release a number of Galaxy Note 9 variants varying with the regions. For example, the Galaxy Note 9 released in the UK will not be the same as the Galaxy Note 9 released in the US. This is because of the different carriers present in a country. Different carriers use different frequency bands to push their services to the customers. This is why the smartphone companies have to manufacture the radios on their smartphones to comply with the frequency bands of the networks in a particular country.

The classification of the devices is very easy this way. For example, you are living in India, and you want to get a Galaxy Note 9, you will definitely have an idea about the network operators in your country, what are the radio bands they support, what type of connectivity they offer and what variant of the device is going to fulfill your needs.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 according to different regions

Samsung phones in the regions other than the US are mostly unlocked. You can easily get an unlocked Galaxy Note 9 in UK, India or any other such region. In the US, there are many network carriers. All the network carriers have their particular requirements and particular features that prompts companies like Samsung to make phones compatible with one network at a time.

For example, the Galaxy Note 9 for At&t will have a different model number than the Galaxy Note 9 for Verizon. This is of course because of the network connectivity as I explained above. The Galaxy Note 9 of At&t will be locked to work on any other carrier.

This means you definitely cannot use At&t Note 9 with a Verizon SIM card. Samsung recently started launching the unlocked devices in the US. The unlocked devices have the letter “U” next to the model number identifying Unlocked Network.

Galaxy Note 9 variants


Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Variants/Model Numbers

Assuming that you have got a clear understanding of why we need a variants/model numbers list, we can now move towards the Galaxy Note 9.

Device NameModel NumberRegionConnectivity
Galaxy Note 9SM-N9600(Snapdragon 845)China (Hong Kong)SIM1:TDD-LTE+FDD-LTE+WCDMA+TD-SCDMA+GSM;SIM2:GSM
Galaxy Note 9SM-N960F (Exynos 9810)GlobalFDD-LTE+WCDMA+GSM
Galaxy Note 9SM-N960T (Snapdragon 845)T-MobileFDD-LTE+WCDMA+GSM
Galaxy Note 9SM-N960S (Exynos 9810)Korea SKTFDD-LTE+WCDMA+CDMA+GSM
Galaxy Note 9SM-N960K (Exynos 9810)Korea KT+FDD-LTE+WCDMA+GSM
Galaxy Note 9SM-N960L (Exynos 9810)KoreaFDD-LTE+WCDMA+GSM
Galaxy Note 9SM-N960P (Snapdragon 845)Sprint - (United States)FDD-LTE+WCDMA+GSM
Galaxy Note 9SM-N960 (Snapdragon 845)
At&t - (United States)FDD-LTE+WCDMA+GSM
Galaxy Note 9SM-N9609 (Exynos 9810)ChinaSIM1:TDD-LTE+FDD-LTE+CDMA;SIM2:GSM;Roaming:WCDMA+GSM
Galaxy Note 9SM-N9608 (Exynos 9810)ChinaSIM1:TDD-LTE+TD-SCDMA+GSM;SIM2:GSM;Roaming:FDD-LTE+WCDMA
Galaxy Note 9SM-N960R4 (Snapdragon 845)US Cellular - (United States)FDD-LTE+WCDMA+GSM
Galaxy Note 9SM-N960V (Snapdragon 845)Verizon - (United States)FDD-LTE+WCDMA+CDMA+GSM
Galaxy Note 9SM-N960FD (Exynos 9810)Southeast AsiaSIM1:FDD-LTE+WCDMA+GSM;SIM2:GSM
Galaxy Note 9SM-N960W8 (Exynos 9810)Canada
Galaxy Note 9SM-N960U (Exynos 9810)US UnlockedFDD-LTE+WCDMA+GSM

Mostly, the model number, variant and connectivity details are mentioned at the back of the phone’s box. You can also check it by going into the “About device” section of your phone. If both these options are inaccessible for you, you can ask the shop that you’re buying the phone from.

For those who have no idea about the Galaxy Note 9, Samsung released the phone on August 9 at an event in the New York City. The Note 9 comes with a 6.4-inch QHD+ display with a resolution of 1440 x 2960 pixels. Galaxy Note 9 is powered either by the Snapdragon 845 CPU or the Exynos 9810 CPU. Under the hood, the Note 9 has a RAM of 6 or 8 GB with internal storage of 128 or 512 GB respectively. The Note 9 houses a 4,000 mAh battery. Galaxy Note 9 has a dual rear camera system with 12 MP + 12 MP shooters and an 8 MP shooter on the front. The Note 9 comes with a Bluetooth-enabled smart S-Pen. Galaxy Note 9 runs on Android Oreo out of the box.

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