LG G6 Camera Features shown in new Promo Videos


With just 3 days left till the announcement of LG G6, things are heating up. LG with G6 has been focusing a lot on marketing the different features that the new flagship smartphone has. Last month they kicked off their campaign to create hype for LG G6 with the ‘Idea Smartphone‘ promo, asking people what qualities would their ideal smartphone have, making a point that the device was created keeping in mind what people want. Two weeks back, LG started sending teasers with taglines, hinting at the different features like ‘More Intelligence‘, ‘More Juice’ and ‘More Reliability‘ to name a few. This week is all about short video promos, again highlighting different aspects of the device. The first set of teasers talked about the smartphone being water and dust resistant. Now another set of videos, showcases the different camera features in motion.

The first video is titled ‘LG G6: Square” which shows one of the functions of the default camera app of LG G6. This feature splits¬†camera pane in two parts. In the top section you can frame the scene yo want to capture and take the photo. In the second part, you can easily review the photo that you have captured. The second pane works like you gallery in which you can review and see whether you got your desired image or is there a need to take more pictures. This saves you the hassle from switching back and forth from the gallery.

The second video is titled “LG G6: Meaning of tears” which showcases the wide camera angle shooting mode of LG G6. The video shows how this function works in the camera by showing the focused mode and then the wide angle mode. Switching between the modes is very easy and depending on what you want in your image you can select that mode. The highlighted features conceptualize on the idea of pointing to the¬†different unique features within the camera app familiar to also showing how easy everything is. While brands are always adding new camera features, most of the time they are not that easy to use, LG definitely is working on making things easier for all.

LG will be unveiling LG G6 at the MWC on 26 February. With different features hinted at in the teasers and video promos, we are curious to see what is left. Does LG still have something up their sleeve for the day of the announcement or have they run out of steam? What do you say.

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