Have you ever had a song in mind but could not reach to the lyrics? Well, it has happened to almost every one of us and it sure is quite frustrating when you wished you could just identify song by humming tune. In that case, even the search will leave you disappointed but we have some useful apps to help you get rid of the mystery of identifying a song. Here are some intelligent web apps to identify a song by humming. These apps basically use the voice recognition feature to identify a song if you hum the tune or lyrics.

So, lets move on and have a look at the web apps to identify a song by humming.
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[/note] Shazam:


Shazam is probably the most used app for identifying songs and the results are reliable. The smart app is designed with a user friendly interface and it only takes one click to reach the song you are listening to. The apps works best if you have a music source playing a song and if you hold the app closer to the sound, it will not only identify the song but will give you details including artist, album, release date, etc.

Shazam also has a huge community and you can see new releases and trending music in the music feed as well. Song sharing option is also available.



Number one on the list is Midomi which was designed to provide users with a vast database that makes indentifying a song much easier. The app will identify the song through voice recognition and present you with matching searches alongwith the videos. The app is designed to identify various languages as well as different genres of music. Unlike Shazam which could only identify song to the music, this app work with humming tunes and sound as well.


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[/note] Musipedia:


Just like Wikipedia, Musipedia is a hub of searchable music, Melodies and tunes.

The app makes it easier to identify a song if you know the tune or melody to it. The app provides various tools to search a song; you can use Flash based Piano, JavaScript based Piano, by whistling into the microphone or by dragging the mouse. Good thing is that the tunes or melodies on this site can be edited any of the other users making it easier and precise.

Through melody or tune, a song can be search much more easily. Provided that these three web apps to identify song by humming welcome user contribution, make the apps even better performing. So, the next time you want to identify a song by humming, you can use any of these three apps.

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