How To Root Nokia X Using Framaroot And Install Google Apps.


Ok, so while I was on XDA Developer, i came Across a very interesting topic, How to use Google Apps on Nokia X, since Google Play Store is not available in Nokia X instead Nokia Store is there for you to install Apps from there. We all know that Nokia has recently shifted to Android means we can use Android Apps on Nokia X, but the only problem is that no Google Play Store is yet there and installing only Apk of it won’t gonna work. You need to do a little extra for this.


You need to change the permissions according to the instructions given, but you also needed a rooted device in this matter and there is no rooting method of Nokia X is available till now. According to XDA Member Kashamalaga, he tried to root his Nokia X using Framaroot and it worked and then he installed Google Apps on it and it worked too. So, today we are sharing how to install Google Apps on your Nokia X after Rooting it.

  • Framaroot is a simple application that allows you to root your device without any difficulty, just install it, Follow the On Screen Instruction and all is well. To learn how to Download And install Framaroot, Follow:

Download Framaroot 1.9.1 APK

  • How to install and run Framaroot on Nokia X check our guide [ Here ]
  • After Rooting your device you need to Download Google Apps for Nokia X, Follow:

  • Copy all the Apk Files to system/apps and Change the Permissions, To learn how to Fix/Change Permissions Follow:

Set/Fix Permissions On Android Devices

  • All the permission should be like what is shown in Picture Below.


  • Reboot your device.
  • Now Install all the Apks like Normal Apks.
  • Once everything installed, Launch Google Play Store and if it asks for your Google Account then everything went better than expected.

Source: XDA Credit: XDA Member Kashamalaga

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