how you can delete ‘other data’ from your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


Storage is always an issue on the smartphones and with all these new apps and games, we need even more storage. Also, we love to always have storage space for the photos and videos we want to store our memories in. Since we have control over what things to keep and what to discard, there is one thing that you might have noticed called ‘’other data’’ which insanely occupies a lot of space, even more than the storage space occupied all your photos, videos, music and pretty much everything else.


This unusually occupying space is basically the ones taken up sneakily by the app’s cache, other cache, album art and cookies, etc. Most people just keep on wondering about how to get this space unoccupied but are not successful in doing so. Good news is that you can actually free this space for your usage and that too in a not so complicated manner.

Here is how you can delete ‘other data’ from your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

  1. Go to your device’s Settings. Open General>Usage.
  2. Now tap on any app that occupies a lot of space, it can be Facebook app or Whatsapp. In the details, you will see a huge amount of data stored under the ‘Documents and Data’. This space is much more than the app itself. This is the same data that shows under the ‘other apps’ and usually includes cache, cookies, browser history, database downloaded files and more belonging to the same category.
  3. Most of this ‘other data’ is not directly used by you and still occupies huge amount of storage space. So, it is better to safely free up this by clearing ‘other data’. Follow the steps below to delete ‘other data’ from your device.
  4. Firstly, use iTunes to take the backup of all of your data. You can also iCloud for that matter if you prefer using that.
  5. After successfully taking the backup, now reset your device. Go to Settings>General>Reset and select ‘Erase All Content and Settings.
  6. Now, restore the backup by connecting your device to iTunes. That’s all.
  7. Most of the temporary files, cookies and cache have been deleted now. There will still be some amount of ‘other data’ left. From now onwards, make sure that you keep on erasing unwanted stuff and cookies and cache from time to time and not let things bulk up to choke the memory again.
  8. If you think that most of your device’s space is occupied by data from your music files, you will have to remove all music data from your device and then re-sync through your iTunes.