How To quickly send up to 5GB of files online from PC/SmartPhone


Following are the instruction for how to quickly send up to 5GB of files online from your PC. We will be using “WeSendit” application to send files. Follow all the steps carefully in order to send big files online.

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How To quickly send up to 5GB of files online from PC/SmartPhone:

Step #1: First open WeSendit homepage from here on your PC browser.

Step #2: Once you are on WeSendit homepage click on Add files button and select the file you want to send.

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You can add any sort of files like image, document, archive, presentation, video, music, etc. When you add your first file you’ll see 3 icons on your right side of screen. These are the limits meter, your file sharing and uploading limits is 5GB, you can send maximum 200 files and only 15 receipt limits.

Step# 3: If you want to add more files just click on Add more files.

Step #4: Once all the files are added, now enter your email address and also the recipient email address. You can also add message if you want to.

Step #5: Now click on Send and wait for the confirmation message.

Step #6: Your recipient will receive a email with the download link in it.

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All Done !! .

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